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Two short webinars in the mechanisms of the Mother, the Vishnu energy, practical tools & our own experiences...

Join UCBK master teachers in a deep look at how the positivity and negativity really plays in spirituality, in the planet, in the lives of the saints, and in each of us.

"All energy, all power, starts as one, than splits. When the nature is forming, at the same time it’s dividing (duality). One part is positive and one part is negative.
It means if the negative force is there, the positive force is there. If the positive force is there, the negative force is there. It’s the same for anything in creation.
Without positive there is no negative. Without negative there is no positive. Equal friction."
                                                           - Sri Kaleshwar

Handling and balancing the positive/negative forces in nature is a huge, very practical and essential subject — especially right now in this highly disturbed global environment. 

Living our spiritual dharma requires both recognizing and balancing how the energy is playing in our daily lives, work, relationships, as a result of our spiritual practices, healing and seva projects. 

In this online class, we will have fun going deep into the knowledge and techniques Sri Kaleshwar has provided to enable us to operate in the illusion as rising masters. 

This two-part series also includes knowledge about: 

   1. Understanding both sides of Mother’s nature

   2. Too much beauty pulls the opposite energy

  3. Ways to fix & offset the negative energy to balance the nature

  4. Ways of protecting yourself from negative forces in the high 
      shakti channels

  5. Winning the fear of death – not letting the negative forces
​      divert you

The beautiful 17-page compilation of Swami Kaleshwar teachings will be sent in advance of the webinar. 

This class will be in two 3-hour sessions, since it is too much material for one session with allowance for the powerful group sharing the knowledge and energy generate. 

Recorded Video Option
The classes will be video recorded if you cannot make the live online timings — plus you can also attend the live online class at no additional cost next time it is offered — same registration links — just specify you are registering for the video option. 

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​​"If you really want to learn these types of techniques, you have to understand the pains of the world.

Whatever concept you take to help the world, it means you have to face both the positive and the negative.

You have to go through what all the humans go through.

You should taste her (Mother) in both ways — only then you can really understand her…how to enjoy her creation, whatever it is, then you’re really enjoying the deeper fragrance of this life." 

- Sri Kaleshwar 

Balancing The Forces - US

Balancing The Positive & Negative Forces - In Ourselves & Nature       Parts 1 & 2

Balancing The Positive & Negative Forces  In Ourselves & Nature       

Balancing The Forces - Europe

Pre-RECORDED Webinar (Parts 1&2): $90/90E

(Live) Parts One & Two (combined): $108 / E108

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