Hanuman Webinar

Join us in a beautiful workshop about the depths of Hanuman, the monkey god who represents total control of the mind - through his pure open heart.  

A powerful protector and miraculous being, Hanuman's story and character has a lot to do with the human system -- particularly how the heart, mind and soul intersect with the consciousness.  

We'll also learn the Hanuman Chalisa together, as part of this workshop -- experiencing Hanuman's energy directly through the 40 verses of Tulsi Das that bring Hanuman's presence, immediately.  

Hanuman Workshop
Pre-Recorded Webinar: $75 / 75E

Advance Registration: $108/ 108E
On the day registration: $120/ 120E

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Hanuman Webinar - USA

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Hanuman Webinar - Europe

In The Heart Of The Pure Open Heart: Hanuman

"Hanuman is a huge protector...he does not tolerate any negativity around him." 

                             - Sri Kaleshwar 

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