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Healing Body, Mind, Heart & Soul

"Healing is nothing but recharging the battery. The battery is nothing but the spark you're carrying in your body..."

                                          - Sri Kaleshwar

​UCBK practitioners have facilitated the healing process for thousands of people over the last several years -- healings that affect the body, mind, heart and soul.

Alx Uttermann & Jonathan D. Rosen, co-founders and ministers of UCBK, are healers with a great deal of expertise & wisdom to share. They're available by appointment, providing a variety of different options for healing sessions - including healing/spiritual counseling sessions in person (in the Santa Cruz, CA area or West Los Angeles), via Skype, or by phone.

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Special Healing Pujas. In Special Pujas, we are using the 
special healing power of the fire element to do immense clearing & healing -- addressing a wide range of problems, from obstacles in business to relationship pain & physical illness. These pujas are distance healings & do not require your physical presence. 

"I just wanted to give you a Super Big Thanks for your amazing healing with my daughter yesterday! 

​You took her into worlds of positive change that couldn't have been gained from 100 hours of therapy.  Truly amazing -- I can't thank you enough!"


                                   - Dr. Michael Koplen,

                                         Santa Cruz, CA

Come experience the life-affirming magic of your own healing process today! ​

Call now to schedule a brief, free consultation, or to sign up for your healing experience with Alxor Jonathan. 

831/ 421-2972  UCBK Santa Cruz  (Jonathan)
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​831-421-1921  UCBK LA  (Alx)​  
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How we can help...

"The meditation and decharging  techniques UCBK's Jonathan Rosen taught me did have an effect on my PTSD secondary to trauma in Vietnam.
​I was in Vietnam 1968-69 with the 3rd Medical Battalion, 3rd Marine Division, and in the field with Battalion 1/9, known as 'The Walking Dead.'   

My sleep has improved.
If I have problems sleeping, doing meditation does help me to go
to sleep 90% of the time.
The number of nightmares I have
is reduced significantly.  

I find that re-experiencing the
​traumatic events from Vietnam has significantly less emotional impact.  
I find that meditation does relieve
stress and anxiety.
This meditation and decharging technique can be done anywhere, anytime. It does not require
medication, another person,
or a special setting.

In summary, I can state that I found
the meditation and decharging techniques that Jonathan Rosen
taught me are effective and
a positive addition to my life." 

                                   - Chris M. DiMaio, M.D.,
                                  Retired Psychiatrist

  Healing Session Logistics

The Universal Church of Baba's Kitchen

Healing Sessions

... reignite your soul spark! 

Because no two healing needs are alike, UCBK tailors each session or healing experience to the individual, specific needs of a client -- so that you can move into the most rapid, transformative results possible, on all levels.  

​In order to help you sustain and develop the healing long after the time of a session has finished, Alx & Jonathan share simple, effective techniques for meditation or self-care that you can do on your own.

The result? 

Incredible relief. 

Peace of mind. 

Powerful release -- of both physicalized symptoms, and the shadowy inner currents that hold & perpetuate imbalances.