"The Nine Arrows are hymns to Shiva. One hundred percent, you can control the negativity with these nine arrows..."
                                                            - Sri Kaleshwar

Jai Ganesh!

The Special Santa Cruz Five Elements Process 

​​​A powerful initiation and spiritual process, given directly by Sri Kaleshwar in Santa Cruz, California, in December 2006, & given to students now THROUGH the video transmission. Includes deep insights from Alx or Jonathan, who were present at this amazing process (charging both Inner and Outer Five Elements, even for total beginners).  Note: This class given live, only. 

Balancing The Positive & Negative Forces 

The Universal Church of Baba's Kitchen

This beautiful class includes a direct teaching (via video) 
from Sri Kaleshwar, explaining & embodying the experience of Atma Sandhana Yoga. Especially helpful for anyone who missed meeting Sri Kaleshwar in person -- or is confused about accessing their energy channels and enlightenment through him now.  
Join Jonathan Rosen - who was there at the original teaching with Sri Kaleshwar in Hampi, in 1999 - for this profound, insightful workshop in the energy mechanism of merging
​with the master's soul. Note: This class given live only.

The Art Of Decharging Stress & Strain 

"Hanuman is a huge protector... he does not tolerate any  
​ negativity around him."  
                                       - Sri Kaleshwar

Deep, luminous teachings about the Divine Feminine in Her many faces -- and how to navigate through Mother's illusions skillfully, as well as connect more deeply to Her profound, inner blessing. 

Embodying The Light: The Christ Consciousness   

"Choosing to practice these powerful vibration mantras I'm giving is a purification process for your soul. " 
                                       - Sri Kaleshwar

Muruga: The Supreme Spiritual Warrior
​& Keeper Of The Vel

A deep look at how the positivity and negativity really plays in spirituality, in the planet, in the lives of the saints, and in each of us -- and practical techniques about how to hand Mother in a smooth way during this turbulent time. 

This rollicking, lively workshop in the high divine positive, irrepressively cheerful, profoundly supernatural, elephant-headed god will get you ready to welcome the Ganesh energy in a deep way.  His mantra & yantra will be discussed, plus other techniques. 

"The Mother is nothing but illusion; illusion is nothing
​but creating the nectar." 
                                       - Sri Kaleshwar

​​​Human beings are energy beings, receptive to the stress and strain of others, with or without our notice -- especially in the helping professions.
​Without an effective means through which to decharge the stress, negativities, karmas, or other unnecessary energies we pick up throughout a day, we have less protection against disease, injury, life's dramas, addiction, anxiety/depression, & the build-up of burn-out.
.. Learn simple, life-saving tools in this hands-on workshop!

In response to many requests from all over the world for us to share this divine knowledge & deep teachings as widely as possible, UCBK is pleased to be offering online classes. 

If there is a particular subject or process that you would like to learn about but don't see offered, please drop us an email & we'll look into adding that subject to our available courses.  

​​Explanation of exactly what's happening in the process of meditation, from the understanding of the mind, the soul, the inner consciousness -- plus the role of thoughts in meditation.  

What IS The Brahma Consciousness?  

- You register for the online class of your
choice - see options, on the right. 

- UCBK sends you class handouts or links to download transcripts, if needed, the day of the scheduled workshop or class. If the material

is particularly detailed, we send a few days in advance, so participants can read through the materials and be more prepared.   

​- UCBK also sends you a link to the Zoom video conference class, in advance of your event.

- You click the link at the start of the class time, through your laptop or digital device, and enjoy the online class with Jonathan or Alx! ​​

** Technical note: For the best reception,
it is better to be hooked up via ethernet
​cable rather than wireless network for these classes.  
​(If you rely on wireless, the video may lag or appear grainy, and can be a distraction. This is not usually an issue -- but the suggestion to use ethernet will resolve any technical distractions with your video.)

​​​The Nine Arrows are power channels that help create powerful protection circles around you, even in the height of challenges or stressful situations. 

"Money is karma, it is illusion, it is testing and it is Shakti! It is God’s money, and you are the temporary caretaker.  Use it to do good works."
                                       - Sri Kaleshwar

& Pre-recorded

What is wealth, really? 
How do we gain and lose it, how can we operate it successfully in our lives?  Once we have a certain measure of wealth, is there any guarantee that we will be able to keep it?​
​We'll explore many angles and techniques about wealth in this knowledge-packed workshop! 

"Without positive there is no negative. Without negative there is no positive. Equal friction. You should taste Her (Mother) in both ways — only then you can really understand Her."
                                                                    - Sri Kaleshwar

Library of Live/Online Webinars

The Mechanics Of Meditation

"The Hrudaya Chakra is completely called Soul Chakra… 
​In the 'Ta' of the Hrudaya Chakra… whole game is running in the'Ta'." 
                                       - Sri Kaleshwar

"The Brahma Consciousness is your inner guru, and it helps you to be happy, clear, and balanced." 
                                                                    - Sri Kaleshwar

"Sky and earth are in viyoga – detachment. How to detach the negativity coming from sucking someone’s heart pain due to bad karmas – (either for a healing patient or yourself) – how to detach that from your soul = Atma Viyoga Process." 
                                              - Sri Kaleshwar 

Online Classes

The Five Elements Process Parts 1 & 2

"The most intelligent person, the most intelligent god,
the most intelligent at finding the way to making you successful... You're inviting him."
                                       - Sri Kaleshwar

In Ourselves & Nature (Parts 1 & 2)  

How Does It Work?

Recorded webinar with dynamic slides & powerful energy transmission from the Christ energy, darshan, & consciousness.

Hanuman Workshop 

"I'll give one higher level process. It’s called the Inner Elements’ Purification Process. What I want to give in this process is linking the Inner Elements with the Shiva energy." 
                                                    - Sri Kaleshwar

Atma Viyoga Process

The mechanisms and character of Hanuman, the character beyond Shiva & Shakti all come back to a pure open heart. We'll explore his nature and impact in our lives, as well as learning the Hanuman Chalisa! 

​​How can we tune ourselves to the highest vibration in the heart chakra?  This webinar journeys into the connection between the heart chakra and the third eye chakra, the key to opening the door for soul travel.

Both an introduction to and a deeper inquiry into the Brahma Consciousness, we'll explore this important aspect of the human spiritual energy system relating to the soul and the mind, and linked with the cosmic intelligence. 

Creating Prosperity

Hrudaya Chakra

Join us online! 

Atma Viyoga is the mystical companion piece to Sri Kaleshwar’s amazing Atma Sandhana Yoga teaching. 
​Atma Viyoga is also intimately connected to Decharging and the various decharging techniques Sri Kaleshwar taught.

"Meditation is... attention without tension."
                                                               - Sri Kaleshwar

The Nine Arrows Initiation

​​A foundational practice for healing and self-healing, aligning with the elements of nature through an on-going meditation practice.  
​For experienced Kaleshwar students, this 2-part workshop will serve as a teaching guide about how to share the Elements' material & initiation. 

Hidden in plain sight, Lord Muruga is one of the most vital divine characters in this Guru Parampara - & the least known!  This deep dive into his character & links to our own spiritual capacity will be explored. 
Ancient mantras will also be shared, as well as Muruga's energy as the general of the divine armies...!

UCBK's Jonathan D. Rosen and Alx Uttermann, both long-term, direct students of Sri Kaleshwar and the divine lineage of holy souls this knowledge comes from,  have been teaching, healing, & sharing the Sai Shakti energy channels since 1997.

As with any divine energy tradition, the energy is flowing powerfully through the teachings -- whether they are live in the moment, or a recorded video played after the live event. 

This is an example of Atma Sandhana Yoga -- how we can connect with the fragrance and energy of any divine soul, at any time, through a photograph, image, statue, video, sound of the voice, memory of that divine soul, book or other texts they've written, or through transmission of their students. 

If there truly is no time or space, then the "past" moments are alway available in the here and now. 

If you're not familiar with the concept or practice of Atma Sandhana Yoga, we'd suggest you start with that subject (only given as a live transmission), ​to attune yourself and your soul to receiving the divine fragrance from these luminous masters, from any available direction, including videos.  

We invite you to scroll down, and take advantage of our ever-expanding Online Webinar Library, so you can experience these luminous teachings in your own home, on your own time, when it's most convenient for you! 

Celebrating Mother Divine

Online webinars: bringing the shakti, knowledge, and initiations --  even when they're pre-recorded...! 

Atma Sandhana Yoga