Sri Kaleshwar with the Alahala Lingam,
​Shiva's soul object,  Penukonda, India

We'll be celebrating Maha Shiva Rathri in Santa Cruz as well as in Los Angeles... exact details TBA

Advance registration: $185 

On the day: $221

(sliding scale available in cases of sincere need)

Baba's brick piece, Shiva Rathri 2017

UCBK's  Alx & Jonathan received the brick

from Sri Kaleshwar, to give Immortal Enlightenment 

to their process group, Hampi, India, 2011

Shiva Rathri 2018 -
A Special Time Of Love, Power,
​Purification, & The Depths Of The Inner Silence

​"Shiva Ratri is nothing but Shiva’s day— Na-Ma-Shi-Va-Ya— earth, fire, sky, water, air.
Silence means everything is there, the source of all.
​Silence = God = Peace = Shiva.

   - Sri Kaleshwar

Yes!  I want to register for this special Shiva Rathri process via credit card through Paypal.
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Shiva Rathri 2018 -
UCBK in Santa Cruz

Through the holy fire homa (puja) on Shiva Rathri day, UCBK will be sending the blessing of extremely auspicious healing experiences, including obstacle removal & finding your proper soul mate... straight from the Guru Parampara/Shiva energy.

We will also be offering the Soul Object Creation Puja on Shiva Rathri. 
​You can read more to find out about adding these special pujas to the already special fire homa....

Shirdi Baba murthi (living statue) in Santa Cruz, CA

Shiva Rathri 2018 Group Process:

Friday, February 9th -
​Tuesday, February 13th:

Alx holding Baba's brick - the soul object of Shirdi Sai Baba - 

during Immortal Enlightenment, Hampi, India 2011

Through Shiva's connection with the Five Elements of nature; the Earth, Fire, Sky (Ether), Water, and Air, we will bring his energy & silence strongly, blessing and uplifting anyone with an open heart who wants to connect during this Maha Shiva Rathri.   

Special Pujas

Shiva Rathri 2018

Friday, February 9th - Process Launch
via Conference Call 

     12:00 noon PST (CA - US)  

       3:00 p.m. EST US
       8:00 p.m. (20:00) UK 

       9:00 p.m. (21:00) Continental Europe
(This call will be recorded/shared for those
​who can't attend live.)  

We will discuss the process details, give some personal process '
homework', and meditate together.   

Friday, February 9th - Tuesday, February 13th

     Group Daily Meditation Process & Brick Transmissions

Sunday, February 11th

10:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. PST  
(recorded/shared for distance members)

     All-day teaching about Shiva, his nature, the quality of  
     Maha Shiva Rathri time, links to Penukonda & Shiva
     lingams, etc. plus the Shiva Purification Process (mantras
     only done on Shiva Rathri).  

Tuesday, February 13th 

Maha Shiva Rathri Day 
     Fire Homa, Abisheks, Meditations & more  

Sliding scale donation is available in case of sincere need  - please check in with Alx by emailing her here. You can enter any amount by using the donate button, below. 

UCBK is pleased to be celebrating the incredibly auspicious time of Maha Shiva Rathri (Shiva's special night) through a 5-day group meditation & purification process deep in the heart of the divine energy & blessings, available to anyone in the world!

This Shiva Rathri Process will include connecting with Shiva in many ways, through:

     - Conference call teachings/meditations about Shiva

     - Special Shiva Rathri Purification Process mantras

     - Shirdi Baba's brick (& transmissions)

     - Powerful block-washing

     - Five Elements Shiva Lingam abisheks 

     - Maha Shiva Rathri day fire homa sponsorship

Maha Shiva Rathri -- a couple days before the New Moon in February -- is such an incredibly auspicious time, when the veils of maya are thinnest, and the divine energy is flowing through the Bolo Shankara (boon-giving) heart of Shiva.  Many, many  blessings are easily granted during this special time of deep silence & calm.  

Shiva Rathri Process 2018

A beautiful 5-day process, full of teachings, meditations, transmissions, and activities, leading up to and through Maha Shiva Rathri...   

 Shiva Rathri 2018 Process

The Universal Church of Baba's Kitchen