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"The world is hungry, we will feed it."

Help our local school kids
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​Santa Cruz

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... of any religious/spiritual path or belief, or none at all.


The Universal Church of Baba's Kitchen was founded in 2007, and has been helping people on many different levels ever since, ranging from healing sessions, workshops, sacred ceremonies & other events, to serving free lunches to the homeless and needy.  UCBK received Valley Churches United's beautiful "Angel Of The Year" award in 2011, in recognition of our Free Friday Lunch program for the homeless & those in need that ran from 2009 - 2013 in Boulder Creek, CA (Santa Cruz County).

We help our Veterans by extending FREE healings to veterans, for easing PTSD and other symptoms, as well as serving with The Twilight Brigade.

"The healing work and support of the UCBK
 community has literally helped save my life."
 - April S., Santa Cruz, CA

UCBK is a healing community. We meet together as healers, as spiritual students, as serviceful people dedicated to making a difference in the world. 
We also offer training & workshops via the internet.

The healing practitioners at UCBK offer healing sessions that affect mind, body, heart and soul.  Drawing on a wide variety of tools -- ancient miracle energy techniques from India -- we can help you re-ignite your own inner healing mechanism, to create powerful shifts in your life and experience. These healings can either happen in person in West LA, or at a distance via Zoom, phone, or synchronized time.

Click here to find out more about our healing sessions.