The Universal Church of Baba's Kitchen

Church of the Year 2011

In 2011, UCBK won Valley Churches United's "Angel Of The Year" Award in recognition of our service to the homeless & needy in our local community.

Our all-volunteer-staffed Free Lunch Friday Program has been happening every Friday since November 2009, through St. Michael's Catholic Church in Boulder Creek, CA.
​We have served more than 7000 free, hot, nourishing, vegetarian meals to the homeless & folks in need since the program's inception.

Endorsements about UCBK

"The healing work and support of the UCBK community has literally helped save my life. There are not words enough to express my profound gratitude and appreciation... Thank you! AND here's a donation to make sure you can continue to save lives!"
- April S., Santa Cruz, CA

"I can't imagine my life without UCBK. They have helped me grow so much I cannot even find the right words to describe it!"
  - Dorene G.,
                               San Luis Obispo, CA

"UCBK is a blessed place and healing soul hospital. Jonathan and Alx, who have dedicated their lives to helping others, are responsible capable leaders who do great work on behalf of humanity."     
- Andrea W., Felton, CA

  1. Practicing Narayana Seva; feeding the hungry & the needy. We always offer free healings to our veterans.
  2. Providing healing energy to ignite the self-healing mechanism innate in all human beings.
  3. Using advanced energy management tools to help organizations achieve their desired results rapidly.
  4. Sharing ancient spiritual knowledge & techniques from India as effective solutions to the challenges of modern living.
  5. Inspiring individuals from any religious/spiritual path or none to expand into a universal consciousness & care for others.

Our Mission


UCBK has been operating as a church in the state of California since 2007.

Our mission is to provide nourishment on many different levels, from physical food & supplies to those in need, to sharing ancient spiritual knowledge that is practical, to  healing mind, body, heart & soul
- in individuals, families, organizations, or communities.

UCBK's varied approach to sharing this soul nourishment includes: