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Pawsome shares from pet owners....

Angel & Mariah, a daughter & mama with health & safety issues...

Thank you so much for your help with my kitties. You hit their personalities just right - the regal matron and the naïve little girl.  I am so surprised at the things they do not know, i.e. predators and relating with people as family.
I am so grateful that you could let them know why they feel ill and why they are experiencing restrictions. It was so amazing to hear how they took in the information and processed it.
​I dearly love these two beautiful girls, and am looking forward to many happy years with them. 

​                                                       - Annabel Williams, Laytonville, CA


Luna, a sweet kitty whose long life was coming to a close...

Alx, you talking with my little Luna last night was more than wonderful. Thank you for letting me know for sure that she is okay with letting go...
​I can't say enough about how moved I am by her telling you how much she loves me and how she is so grateful for our 15 years together.
I've been weepy off and on all day, not so sad as much as deeply touched by hearing from this amazing, dignified soul who is so accepting of the little bit of time she has left, and who is so filled with light.
It has been immensely helpful to have confirmation of what I sensed, that she is ok with it all. I'm so grateful. 
​                                                       - Carmen DeVida, Santa Cruz, CA

All pet whispering is done via a photograph of the animal - anywhere in the world! 

Contact Alx by email here or call 831/421-1921 for more details,

or to schedule a session for your pet. ​      

She can deliver your messages simply, ask the questions you
need, and let you in 
on the inner life of your pet - how they think,
how they feel, how confused they might be 
by your attempts
to teach them something, or by the circumstances around them. 

The relief -- for both pet owners and our animal friends -- can be
enormous, as both sides can finally understand where the other

is coming from.  

Click here to read an excerpt from a healing story with a beautiful
little doggie named Shanti. 

Animal Whispering

Animal Communication

Yes! I want to reserve my place in this workshop! Here's my credit card payment by PayPal for $35 Advance Registration
​ ($45 on the day)

Talk To The Animals!

A Remote Workshop

Saturday, March 26th
10 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.  CA Time

This workshop will be conducted online via Zoom. (The way it works is that I send you a link on the day. You click on the link to join the video conference!  SIMPLE!) 

In this fun workshop, participants will learn the tools to be able to start conversing with animals on the subtle, telepathic level.  

Important: Please have a digital photograph of an animal you know (not necessarily your own) where the eyes of the animal are looking into the camera ready for this workshop.  
Email your pet's photo, with the pet's name, 
​ to Alx in advance of the workshop, by Thursday March 24th at the latest!  (You can
email Alx by clicking here.)   

Rocky in Malta - coming closer to his loving mom...

Alx talked to my big friend Rocky about 2 weeks ago. Rocky lived on the street, was badly treated and had some unclear health issues. Even though he went through such miserable times, he kept his loving character.
​I knew he came with lots of challenges, but I could not figure out what they were. So I asked Alx to talk to Rocky.
Since the talk our "life" changed quite a bit! I am able to help him better and he also understands better what I want from him.
​We are closer together, it's like a wonderful big present for both of us. WOOOOOOW - huuuge thanks!  

                                                                            - Marion M, in Malta

Animal Whispering

Healing Sessions for Pets & Their People
​with Alx Uttermann

I welcome all the creatures of the world with grace.
​                                             ~ Hildegard von Bingen

Do you have a pet whose behaviors are becoming a real problem?  
Or whose health issues are a mystery? 

Has there been a recent pet loss & the other pets seem sad or depressed? 

​Have you added another pet to your family & tensions are high with the other(s)? 

Do you try to tell your pet how to act, or train the animal, ​but he/she doesn't 
seem to be listening to you at all?

Is there some news like an up-coming vet visit, or vacation plan, you'd like
​your pet to know about? 

Would you like to know what your dog
​or cat is thinking or feeling? 

Let Alx Uttermann bridge the communication
gap for you!

Her gift of healing extends to Pet Whispering,
​the art of communicating between human beings
​and our animal friends.