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Atma Sandhana Yoga

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Atma Sandhana Yoga Workshop

Pre-recorded webinars with Jonathan D. Rosen
​(there are multiple recordings of this subject!)  

Registration: $125  or $125 Euros 

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Melt your soul in Atma Sandhana Yoga! 
Sri Kaleshwar, from the 1999 process video

Join the late master healer Jonathan Rosen for a pre-recorded webinar... Jonathan was present with Sri Kaleshwar in August, 1999 in Hampi, India, when Swami delivered this supernatural teaching of Atma Sandhana Yoga Process.  

​As one of the original, and closest, students and friends of Sri Kaleshwar, Jonathan transmits his direct experience of this powerful process straight to your heart and soul in the videos. 

The online teaching also includes an hour of the actual video from 1999, of Sri Kaleshwar giving the teaching -- and the intensely beautiful energy of Atma Sandhana Yoga. 

The Atma Sandhana Yoga Process shows how to melt your soul with the divine through your energetic link with the master. Whether you ever met Sri Kaleshwar or not, the video of Swami giving the Atma Samyoga  (or Atma Sadhana) system provides all the energy and tools needed to construct your own direct channel to merge souls with this divine master – and to receive the infinite cosmic energy and blessings through the soul of Nature.

Atma Sandhana Yoga is a perfect process for any level of student – from the brand new to the highly experienced. It will help any sincere student deepen their soul connection to Kaleshwar and the entire divine lineage including Jesus, Buddha, Shirdi Baba, Babaji, Yogananda, etc.

It is a very simple process to do with no diksha as to how to do the 5 mantras included in the process. Through watching the video, and absorbing Swami’s facial expressions, mannerisms, the sound of his voice, his style of humor, his stories – any open hearted student can receive all that is needed to create a direct soul relationship and bond with this supernatural master.

As part of this class, you will receive: 

Pre-Class Materials

• 3 different handouts on the teaching (sent by email in advance of the class).

• The 5 mantras that Swami gave to use in the Atma Samyoga (or Sandhana) Yoga Process, including meanings of the mantras from Jonathan’s personal notes – sent in advance of class.

The Online Class includes: 

• 1 hour video of Swami teaching the process (shown over the video via screen sharing).

• A group meditation on one of the mantras during the class.

• You starting to create the mental videotape of moments with the divine/master which is part of the process (for anyone, whether you ever met Sri Kaleshwar or not).

Atma Sandhana (Euros)

Sri Kaleshwar & Jonathan D. Rosen, Hampi, 1998