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"Sky and earth are in viyoga – detachment.
​How to detach the negativity coming from sucking someone’s heart pain due to bad karmas – (either for a healing patient or yourself) – how to detach that from your soul = Atma Viyoga Process.​"
(When your heart is open – you automatically suck their heart pain and negativity when doing healing – you have to detach from that, in a healing patient or in yourself, in your soul).  

                                                 - Sri Kaleshwar 

Atma Viyoga Workshop

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Sri Kaleshwar lectures while Jonathan Rosen listens intently, Laytonville, US, 2006

Haven't taken Atma Sandhana Yoga yet?  

Purchase the pre-recorded  Atma Sandhana Yoga! along with a separate Atma Viyoga online class (as part 2 of that teaching). 

For those who have already taken the Atma Sandhana Yoga Process class, Jonathan D. Rosen gave a further step towards the practical detaching from negativity... the Atma Viyoga Process.  

Atma Viyoga is the companion piece to Swami Kaleshwar’s amazing Atma Samyoga Yoga teaching. 

The Atma Viyoga Process is a very sensitive, mystical understanding and discernment process, closely aligned with the Atma Samyoga process.

​Atma Viyoga is also intimately connected to Decharging and the various decharging techniques taught by Sri Kaleshwar.

In this class, several special techniques and mantras to break the attachment to negativity that Swami gave out at the 90-Day program will be shared, as well as connecting Atma Viyoga to other more familiar decharging techniques and practices that Swami shared over the years. 

Ultimately, Atma Viyoga = Atma Samyoga.

This is the intimate level of consciousness where vedanta (highest pure consciousness stage) meets tantra (energy processes which give us the capacity to discern and navigate the illusion ) – where maya melts into satya. 

Atma Viyoga completes Atma Samyoga.

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Atma Viyoga Process