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"The meditation and decharging techniques UCBK's Jonathan Rosen taught me did have an effect on my PTSD secondary to trauma in Vietnam. My sleep has improved. If I have problems sleeping, doing meditation does help me to go to sleep 90% of the time. The number of nightmares I have is reduced significantly.... effective and a positive addition to my life."  
Chris M. DiMaio, M.D.
                                                            Retired Psychiatrist
                                                            Former Marine


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A life of divine energy healing & service

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The late Jonathan D. Rosen received his first initiation into meditation in 1970 from Swami Muktananda in San Francisco. He became a Transcendental Meditation teacher in 1974, and lived and studied with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi until 1991. He was blessed with intimate connections to many amazing saints including Amritanandamayi (Ammachi), Mother Meera, Karuna Mayi -- and most powerfully, with Sri Sai Kaleshwar Swami, who has been Jonathan's sadguru since 1997, and forever.

Jonathan lived with Swami Kaleshwar at his ashram in South India for 7 years, studying the depth of the divine shakti healing channels, and implementing and teaching them in America, Paris and Singapore since 1997.

​Jonathan's lifelong mission was to spread the light and healing balm of this ancient knowledge as widely as possible to individuals, and in the organizational arena.

As part of his healing mission, Jonathan received special ancient vedic healing techniques from Sri Kaleshwar specifically for use in his work as a management consultant with many Fortune 100 and 500 companies.

In companies such as Hewlett Packard, Boeing, Tropicana, CSX, etc., these subtle energy techniques produced amazingly successful, rapid, measurable results in transforming corporate cultures, which can be seen under case studies (Jonathan's management consulting site). 

In 2005, with the blessing and charge of Sri Kaleshwar -- Jonathan and colleague Alx Uttermann started teaching and healing full time in the Santa Cruz mountains of California, founding The Universal Church of Baba's Kitchen in 2007. 

Since then, UCBK has been providing many thousands of home cooked meals for the homeless, offering spiritual energy healing to all those in need, teaching the ancient healing knowledge systems, performing new and full moon Vedic fire ceremonies to purify the environment, and performing monthly heart-opening Music As Medicine bhajan concerts. 

Jonathan was able to draw on his musical background as a soloist with the San Francisco Opera Merola Program, and the New York Shakespeare Festival, to convey the healing power of music through the special bhajan energy style developed under Kaleshwar's guidance.

​Since March of 2012, Jonathan successfully focused much of his attention on helping to heal war veterans from PTSD, and its many debilitating symptoms -- including depression, anger, heartbreak, fear, anxiety, nightmares, physical ailments, stress, relationship problems, etc.

​All healing needs -- body, mind, heart, and spirit -- can be profoundly impacted by these divine energy mechanisms, which work on the unseen level of the soul to influence every aspect of one's being. 

Jonathan was also blessed to receive many divine power objects through Swami Kaleshwar and the divine lineage he connected us to -- including Shirdi Sai Baba, Jesus, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Ramana Maharishi, Buddha, Mahavatar Babaji, and at the apex -- the Universal Divine Mother. By their grace, these power objects greatly enhance the healing energy Jonathan was able to transmit to a very high level of effectiveness for both in-person and distance healings.

This transmission is still happening, at and from his samadhi tomb in Felton, CA, and through Alx Uttermann at UCBK. 

It was, and is still, Jonathan's dharma and joy to serve as a vehicle for the divine energy to heal the broken hearts of the world -- the fear and negative belief systems that underlie so much human suffering -- to reignite the fires of inspiration and love -- to help people reconnect to their own divine source, from whence all healing flows. 

"Thank you for your teachings. They are heartfelt and delve deeply into the soul." 
                                                               - Cynthia Gustin, 
                                                               Hospice Worker 

                                                               Santa Cruz, CA​

Since 2000, accomplished teacher & healer Alx Uttermann has been conducting healing workshops & trainings in a wide array of healing techniques & spiritual knowledge from ancient India.  

From Singapore to California, she's facilitated hundreds of workshops, classes, satsangs, ceremonies & other healing events — creating hundreds of skilled healers to help bring more light into the world.

Over many years of intensive study at Sri Kaleshwar's Soul University in Penukonda, South India (five years in residence), Alx gained an in-depth understanding of the stresses facing human beings, and the spiritual medicine - especially the miracles! - that dissolves them.  

Since returning to the US in 2005, Alx' work sharing these medicinal techniques has continued non-stop, culminating in the co-founding of UCBK (The Universal Church of Baba's Kitchen) with colleague Jonathan D. Rosen in 2008. UCBK, originally based in the Santa Cruz mountains of California but now operating in Los Angeles, is a meditation, charitable, healing, & spiritual center, open to anyone of any faith, path, religion, or none. 

Her on-going research & expertise lie in effectively healing the underlying root of suffering, as well as the many symptoms of suffering (such as depression, anxiety, chronic health problems, heartbreak, grief, PTSD, anger issues and addictions). Over the years, her spiritual passion has crystallized in the area of empowering women, first to heal themselves, then to strengthen their own connection to divine power, and to become extraordinary healers. 

Alx' passion, wisdom, humor, patience & command of spiritual knowledge is contagious.  Her goal is to spread the light far & wide, to help bring relief, peace of mind, inspiration and miraculous healing to whomever is in need. Through UCBK in LA (and online), she offers regular bi-monthly healing fire ceremonies, weekly satsangs, and weekend healing/meditation workshops. 

All of the dazzling knowledge & spiritual healing techniques she utilizes and shares comes straight from the teachings of ancient India, restored to the world by Sri Kaleshwar & the universal lineage of ascended masters he represents, including Shirdi Sai Baba, Jesus Christ, Buddha, Adi Shankaracharya, Mahavatar Babaji, Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, and others. 

In her spare time (ha!), Alx has been known to publish and perform poetry, blog about spirituality, lead spiritual tours to Southern France and India, play music (pianist), and spend time at home with the love of her life and three black cats.

"Thanks for the healing fire ceremony the other night.  It was just awesome.  Thanks also for your loving assistance, healings and just plain love."
                                                - Pamela Dearing, Filmmaker
​                                                                    Los Angeles, CA

Alx Uttermann

Healer, Teacher, & Minister

Jonathan D. Rosen

Healer, Teacher, & Minister