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What IS The Brahma Consciousness? 

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A short webinar in the most essential part of the spiritual energy system... 

Join UCBK master teachers for an introductory explanation of the deepest part of the human soul -- the Brahma Consciousness. 

This online webinar provides an introduction and a deeper inquiry into the Brahma Consciousness, that important aspect of the human spiritual energy system relating to the soul and the mind, and linked with the cosmic intelligence. 

Our inquiry will include amazing answers to these questions: 

  • How does the Brahma Consciousness operate? 

  • How can we strengthen its capacity? 

  • What is it doing when we are sleeping? 

  • What IS the Brahma Consciousness? Is it linked with the Christ Consciousness? 

  • How does it function in relationship to the soul, and to the mind? 

  • How can we increase its function, clarity and capacity in ourselves? 

  • How does the Brahma Consciousness increase our creation abilities and natural creativity? 

​​"The Brahma Consciousness is your inner guru, and it helps you to be happy, clear, and balanced."  

- Sri Kaleshwar 

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Brahma Consciousness - Europe

What IS The Brahma Consciousness?

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What IS The Brahma Consciousness? 

Brahma Consciousness - U.S.