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Two short webinars deep in the experience of Mother Divine, who She is, & how She operates in our lives...

Join UCBK master teachers - either Alx Uttermann, or the late Jonathan D. Rosen (recorded webinar) -  in a profound exploration of Mother Divine and Her nature, from the ancient knowledge of 
rishis & enlightened masters of India, via Sri Kaleshwar. 

These webinars provide a deeper experience of understanding, accessing and intimately realizing our oneness  with Ma in this creation. 

This two-part series also includes: 

  • Some of the amazing mystical poems Swami Kaleshwar spontaneously recited at the 90-Day Program in 2010.

  • Meditation on a special 90-Day Program mantra Sri Kaleshwar gave out to enter the Mother’s womb chakra to do any healing or demonstrate any miracle.

  • Super shakti/bhakti Mother Divine bhajans to dissolve in Her energy together.

  • Teachings in the presence of Baba’s brick (which he called She), nothing but Asta Siddhis power object. 

Celebrating Mother Divine & Her Nature 

Celebrating Mother Divine! - USA

Celebrating Mother Divine
​& Her Nature

Parts 1 & 2

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Part Two: $63 / E63

Both parts together: $126 / E126

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Celebrating Mother Divine! - Europe

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​​"The Mother is nothing but illusion;
illusion is nothing but creating
the nectar.

I hope the students are aware Mother Divine is creating both the
hassle and nectar." 

- Sri Kaleshwar