Sri Kaleshwar & Jesus Christ murthi, Penukonda, India

Embodying Light Webinar
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WEBINAR Replay - Embodying The Light:
​The Christ Consciousness, Ancient India, & You      

"Thank you Alx, (it was) great to sit in and listen, it's revitalized my process."   
  - Theo Charalambous,
                  Costa Rica

"I could not resist.. I had to watch it right away! Congratulations on this wonderful wonderful webinar. There was so much in it.

I always wondered why the picture with the big mountain in Penukonda calmed me down. It is in the Jesus book and I looked often at it. 

Then the miracles, this is as you said, your soul knows all is possible but the mind will not get it.

But hearing it from you and seeing the pictures is a different dimension."  
         - Marion Manowsky,

"The webinar was AMAZING.  Thank you so much for sharing so much beautiful knowledge and information.  
Tears flowed at many many points during this presentation. 
Such beautiful slides and a wonderful narration."  

         - Fawzia Vellani,
         London, England

"The real miracle is an open heart. 
​The true religion is your heart religion. That is so so important.
​That's why I always say, follow your heart. Follow your heart." 
​                                                              - Sri Kaleshwar

Watch the webinar on your own time, 
as often as you like! 
Whether you're a serious spiritual student, interested in exploring the depths of consciousness, or are simply curious about the mysteries and miracles, this webinar is an invaluable resource, a real treasure. You'll want to revisit the gorgeous images, direct divine experiences, and miracle energy, again and again. 

Webinar Replay Fee: $108
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Be prepared to have your heart opened, your mind inspired, and your soul empowered, awakened, and singing!  

This inspiring, powerful presentation with UCBK's Minister, Master Healer and Teacher Alx Uttermann via YouTube is now available for unlimited private replay (see below). 

​Come experience the inner light that is you, through an energetic transference and shaktipat flowing in this extraordinary presentation.  
​(Often called the Universal Consciousness, Creation Energy, Christ Consciousness, or Brahma Consciousness, there is a profound spark in each human being whose flame needs to be fanned to be seen & experienced.)   

This vibrant, three-hour webinar includes stunning images of modern miracles, slides from Penukonda, India, of Sri Kaleshwar and the ancient knowledge from which a modern tradition of miracle healing is pouring back to the world today. 

A central discussion -- with powerful visuals -- revolves around the role of the historical Jesus as a yogically trained siddha (supernatural soul), who lived in and travelled around India during his so-called "Lost Years" (from about 13 to his late 20s, when accounts of his life disappear from the conventional Christian gospels).  

Although the details of a historical Jesus may be surprising to a Western audience, the miracles of Christ, the power and the love embodied by him is ultimately familiar.  As Sri Kaleshwar used to say, referring to Jesus as the Big Boss, "Jesus Christ is the greatest healer who ever walked in this world, in the entire planet's history." 

The Kaleshwar students are a dynamic part of a living continuum from 2000 years ago, in a powerful energy tradition carried on from ancient India to the present day.  

As one small spark in this spiritual continuum, Alx shares intimately about direct experiences she's had, in India, with the Jesus Christ presence and energy -- culminating in meeting Jesus face-to-face, in person, in 2011, through the introduction -- and mastery -- of Sri Kaleshwar.  

Finally, this is a story, a journey, a set of experiences about the spiritual light as it incarnated in the form of the historical Christ -- and the Christ Consciousness that resides in every human being.  It is a story of extreme possibility and promise for all of humanity.  

How is this ancient message of light shining in this modern world?  And who are you in relation to that light? 

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