The Universal Church of Baba's Kitchen

​"My mission is to bring Jesus' life in a beautiful way to the planet and to prepare my students to be like Jesus - the Jesus Generation - by the grace of Mother.
I am preparing the strongest healers to create real love
and a peaceful atmosphere
​on the planet.
That day is coming.
​That time is coming.
No matter what, the Guru Parampara's blessings are there.”

                                - Sri Kaleshwar

Sri Kaleshwar in communion with Christ, Penukonda, India

Advance registration: $108 

On the day: $140

(sliding scale available in cases of sincere need)

Conscious Christ(mas) Process 

The living statue of Christ -  Penukonda, India

Yes!  I want to register for this special Christ process via credit card through Paypal.
​I will choose my option from the PayPal menu! (US donations are tax-deductible.) 

A beautiful 5-day process, full of teachings, meditations, and transmission,

up to and through Christmas Day...   

As we come into this holy time of Christmas, UCBK is offering a powerful 5-day group meditation process, with some satsang & teaching support.

We will be going into the experience of Christ, his blessings, and his presence. This process is available to anyone in the world!

This 5-Day Process will include connecting with Jesus Christ in many ways, through:

     - Conference call teachings about Jesus

     - Special Jesus mantra process

     - Jesus power objects (& transmissions)

     - Powerful meditations through Christmas Day

     - Automatic sponsorship in the New Moon/Dattatreya Fire Homa 12/26

Our intention is to discover, explore, and go deeper into our own inner Christ Consciousness - the Brahma Consciousness - during this holy time, through the doorway of Christ and the technology he shared from his life and times in South India. 

As the last Christmas before the planet turns to a new decade, 2020,
this is a pivotal, precious time when it is advisable for spiritual groups

to be closely together as souls, connecting the consciousness & the energy channels in unity - to help the world birth this new time cycle. 

Conscious Christ(mas) Process

Conscious Christ(mas) Group Process:

Launching Friday, December 20th via Zoom

Actual Process:
Saturday, December 21st - Wednesday, December 25th  (peak of the New Moon!)

The Jesus darshan group from Santa Cruz, CA, Penukonda, 2011

Conscious Christ(mas) Process 2019

Conscious Christ(mas) Process 2019 -
A Special Group Meditation Process:
Immersed In The Love, Power, & Consciousness
​Of The Christ Within You

Friday, December 20th - Process Launch
via Conference Call 

     7:00 p.m. PST (CA - US)  

      9:00 p.m. CST US

     10:00 p.m. EST US
(This call will be recorded/shared for those
​who can't attend live.)  

We will discuss the process details, give some personal process '
homework', and meditate together.   

Saturday, December 21st  - Wednesday, Dec 25th

     Group Daily Meditation Process & JC power object transmissions

Saturday, December 21st

10:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. PST  
(recorded/shared for distance members)

     Teaching about Jesus, his nature, his time in India, his consciousness, 

      and the miracle energy.

Thursday, December 26th

New Moon Christ/Dattatreya Fire Homa;

group members automatically sponsored in the homa fire