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Creating Prosperity Webinar

Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth & abundance

"Money is karma, it is illusion,
​it is testing and it is Shakti!

It is God’s money, and you are the temporary caretaker.

Use it to do good works."


                          - Sri Kaleshwar

Creating Prosperity Webinar - Euros

Creating Prosperity & Abundance

Deciphering The Healing Code:

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The Universal Church of Baba's Kitchen

​​​Creating Prosperity & Abundance

Creating Prosperity
​& Abundance

This workshop is available as a live or pre-recorded webinar. For a pre-recorded version, simply register below via PayPal and you'll receive the handout material and a pre-recorded video of the workshop by email. 

​To find out when the next live webinar will occur, you can contact Alx via text at 831-421-1921 or
via email here.

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​​​Creating Prosperity & Abundance

​A short workshop in ancient spiritual technology to help generate prosperity in our modern lives...

​Join master healer Alx Uttermann in this practical spiritual workshop, learning useful tools from ancient India to create prosperity in all angles of your life. 

What is wealth, really?

How do we gain and lose it, how can we operate it successfully in our lives?  Once we have a certain measure of wealth, is there any guarantee that we will be able to keep it?  

How can we approach prosperity in life as a matter of holistic wealth, rather than limiting abundance to one area or another....? 


In this highly helpful workshop, you'll learn: 

    - Meditation techniques to increase prosperity 


    - Simple rituals to Lakshmi to attract Her abundance


    - Vaastu (Indian Feng Shui) points to increase the flow of
      prosperity in your home and/or office


    - Specific techniques to help business, creative projects, or
      other endeavors start off & stay successful, including one
      while you sleep! 


    - The energetic ins and outs of material & spiritual wealth

***This WEBINAR is available for remote participants to be with us live, or as a recorded version later.  Upon registration, you'll be sent a copy of the handout material for the class (a day in advance) and an access code for the Zoom video call! 

$36 advance registration, $50 on the day (live webinar)