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"This is a superb teaching. 

Therapists, bodyworkers

and health professionals of all kinds...

I hope you can make it
and start benefiting like I have 

from the tools." 


                      - Linda Marie Kimball Grace, 

                      Massage Therapist, Santa Cruz, CA

The Art Of Decharging

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A lively, hands-on webinar in the ultimate self-care techniques from ancient India 

Come experience this adventure in practical self-healing tools! 

Human beings are like semi-permeable membranes -- we are energetic beings, often picking up stress and strain from the environment around us, primarily through interactions with others.  

Without our conscious notice, these interactions (at work, at play, performing arts, in the family, or in helping professions) create, over time, a residual build-up of stressful energy in our systems... a 'negative' charge in our structure (like how a battery can hold positive or negative charges). 

Although this principle applies to every human being, anyone involved in the healing professions like massage, reflexology, medical (from nurses to physicians, surgeons, dentists, EMT), acupuncture, psychotherapy, energy healing, etc., should know how to decharge effectively.

A person whose 'shoulder gets cried on' by friends, family, or co-workers, is also performing the role of a healer... whether they know it or not! 

Without an effective means through which to decharge the stress
​& strain, and other unnecessary energies we pick up throughout a day, we have less protection against disease, injury, life's dramas, addiction, anxiety/depression, & the build-up of burn-out. 

Decharging through the elements of nature like the earth, fire,
and water, provides simple relief to the age-old problem of stress.  
These simple decharging techniques are the ultimate in self-care! 

In this short, entertaining & hands-on class, you'll learn: 

     - How every human being picks up stress & strain from others

     - How to reduce stress effectively & instantly at home/work

     - How to identify the symptoms that decharging is needed

     - Simple techniques to decharge stress back to nature

     - How to restore balance & equilibrium in your life easily! 

Decharging Stress & Strain

​​"If you're taking stress (karma) from any person, you need to know how to switch it in a good way and send it back to the nature.  
​You received it, then you need to know how to decharge it... otherwise, you'll get a little shaky.
I'm serious.

                                              - Sri Kaleshwar

Energetics of Self-Care:
​The Art of Decharging Stress & Strain

Intrigued?  Get a simple decharging tip & read more about the concept in this short article published in Wellness Woman e-zine 

Either for a live or pre-recorded webinar, participants will be emailed the PDF class handout and a short list of materials to have available during the teaching.   

Energetics of Self-Care: The Art of Decharging Stress & Strain