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Diamond Yantra Intensive

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The Diamond Yantra Intensive

Diamond Yantra Intensive

Sri Kaleshwar transmitting, sitting next to the Nada Bindu, Santa Cruz, 2006

The Diamond Yantra:
Inside Mother's Creation Point (Nada Bindu)

An all-day intensive in the innermost of the innermost of Divine Mother's holy creation point -- the Diamond Yantra (sacred structure diagram) 

Join master healer Alx Uttermann in this incredibly powerful intensive workshop (pre-recorded), learning about the inside
​of Mother Divine's creation energy & capacity, including Her complicated & fascinating Diamond Yantra. 

This spiritual technology is millenniae old, coming from ancient palm leaf manuscripts of India. 

In addition to learning Her yantra, you will be putting it on a copper sheet -- to carry the activated healing, blessing, creation, & enlightenment energy of Mother into your home (so She is always with you). 

Different tools for accessing & using Her energy directly will also be shared in this workshop. 



   - Notebook or something to write with/on

   - Colored pencils or markers (fine points suggested)

   - Large pad of drawing paper or sheets of drawing paper

   - 14" x 14" foam board 

   - Masking tape 

   - White-out (yes, really!) 

   - An old ballpoint pen (dry or nearly dried out) 

   - Vegetarian potluck lunch item to share

***Planning to attend by pre-recorded webinar?  
PDF handout with the class materials & a link to the Zoom
videos (downloadable on Dropbox) will be emailed to you
​as soon as possible after your purchase of the webinar.

You will also need to have a copper sheet or two - 12" x 12", 36 gauge recommended, to draw the yantra on copper. 

​$ 153 registration

Copper yantras from 2019 Diamond Yantra Intensive, Los Angeles

​​"Once you really can command on this chakra (Diamond Yantra), you are able to connect to all types of the cosmic. It is the depth consciousness; it is absolutely the most ability chakra in the different human chakras.

It looks like a piece of art.  But they did not draw it thousands of years back for fun. If you really want to win the consciousness, you have to know where is your beginning point.

- Sri Kaleshwar

At the center point of Mother's Womb Chakra (Sri Yantra), is the Nada Bindu,
​the creation point. The Diamond Yantra is the structure of that holy point.