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24-hour's advance cancellation or rescheduling policy, please.  

Alx's time is limited & precious.

You're invited:
Come experience Alx in Los Angeles! 

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A 3-hour webinar presentation with Alx, with vivid slides & accounts 
of miracles, the mysticism of South India, & its relationship to the inner consciousness in each of us. This inspiring private YouTube video will be unlocked for your unlimited viewing upon receipt of payment.

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Webinar recording now available!
Embodying The Light: The Christ Consciousness, Ancient India, & You

​Otherwise, you're welcome to use cash or a check on the day of your session.

Alx also is a Pet Whisperer. 
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about how she can help
​you & your animal. 

Healing With Alx

Sri Kaleshwar & Alx in Penukonda, India, 2001

"There's an unbelievable huge light hidden in us. Through certain processes you have to bring that energy up, then everything will be possible for you to recognize yourself."                                                          
                                             - Sri Kaleshwar


"Just thank you so much for such a great healing experience -- I am really still feeling it.  Wow!!!!"            

                        - Kimberley Jeanne Jenkins,

                          Los Angeles, CA                                                                                                                                

"I just wanted to give you a Super Big Thanks for your amazing healing with my daughter yesterday! 
It was incredible how deeply you reached her with so many key points of understanding through so many angles.  She was definitely opened up and transformed from it. 
You took her into worlds of positive change that couldn't have been gained from 100 hours of therapy.  Truly amazing -- I can't thank you enough!"   
                             - Dr. Michael Koplen, 
                               Santa Cruz, CA                                                                            


Practical information, and what you can expect from a healing session: 

No two healing needs are alike.

Each session is unique -- tailored to your specific needs. Through many years'
experience of working with hundreds of people, Alx' ability to discern which tools
(among the numerous energy techniques in her soul-doctor bag) will best impact
on your situation has been honed to an art form.

- Each healing energy session is a minimum of one hour (please budget for two hours
to be safe), and is tailored to your exact needs.  Please be thinking deeply, in advance,
about what elements in your life really need healing/release, or blessing -- and what you'd
​like to create in your life, at the deepest level you can imagine. 

- The suggested donation for a healing energy session is $108.  In cases of sincere need,
the option of a sliding scale arrangement is possible -- please contact Alx for more
​information.  She will NEVER turn anyone away for a lack of funds -- and will happily
​suggest alternative ways you can balance the energy (in order to receive and sustain your healing).

- In order to receive the maximum benefits from a healing session, and hold the energy to create a success, please observe a vegetarian diet (fish, eggs, & dairy are fine!  just no fowl/meat products of any kind) for 24 hours before your session is scheduled, and through the actual day of the healing. 

- Every healing session is accompanied by the gift of simple tools that you can use, yourself, at home, to develop and sustain the healing process in your life. Creating an easy self-healing & maintenance practice will help you keep the inner peace, inspiration, harmony & upliftment that is a vital part of the healing experience. 

- Inside every human being is a powerful healer!  Alx' goal is to help you reconnect with, & strengthen, that essential part of yourself -- to create more healing, peace, beauty and happiness in your life.


​Contact Alx 
via email here
or call/text 831/ 421-1921

Once you've scheduled your appointment, if you'd like to pay by credit card, you can use Paypal to make your donation:

UCBK minister & master healer Alx Uttermann is available for healing energy sessions via Zoom, to anywhere in the world... & in person on the Westside of Los Angeles, by appointment. 

These powerful energy balancing transmissions are appropriate for anyone in need of physical, emotional, or spiritual healing -- addressing mind, body, heart and soul. 

Alx draws on her 20-year intensive training as a healer in India, through the divine lineage of holy souls including Sri Kaleshwar, Shirdi Sai Baba, Jesus Christ, Buddha, Mahavatar Babaji, Sri Ramakrishna & Ramana Maharshi, among others. 

​It is the powerful energy of this lineage of supernatural souls & masters, as well as the ultimate healing balm from Mother Divine, that comes through to create the powerful experience of inner peace and harmony -- the optimum environment, internally, through which healing occurs naturally.

The mechanism of high-energy healing is this: the energy creates a powerful re-ignition of your own self-healing spark, so that your soul & inner essence can help you heal your system from whatever challenges are present. 

Alx is also a specialist in healing the Womb Chakra, a profound center of energy balancing & washing out old traumas, in both men and women. You can read more about the Womb Chakra here. 

Creating healing
​& wellness with every breath...

Healing With Alx