The Universal Church of Baba's Kitchen

We need your help!
Join UCBK's pilot program with Valley Churches United Missions & sponsor a child (or two) in need for six months...

Valley Churches United Missions, one of the main food banks & homeless supplies distribution center in Santa Cruz's San Lorenzo Valley, has partnered with UCBK to create a pilot program with the Hope Bars & nutrition for children.   Find out more about the program here. 

Nourishing Children 
& Organizations Through

Social Enterprise

UCBK has joined forces with the Hope Bar Project, a global humanitarian & nutritional social change-making project to help children in need (both at home & abroad) get access to complete, whole food nutrition. The Hope Bar Project helps the non-profits and religious organizations -- who have a mission to help our kids -- get  sustainable funding WHILE feeding strong nutrition to the kids in need. 

​This visionary social enterprise approach to sustainable funding through addressing the #1 world-wide health crisis -- childhood malnutrition -- is supported by The Children's Hunger Fund and philanthropic luminaries like Vincente Fox, the former President of Mexico.  Former President Fox is a co-creator of the Hope Bar Project, whose cutting-edge nutrition is already feeding the 6000 kids in his orphanages in Mexico.  

Find out more about the Hope Bar Project here. 

See how Feed 3 in Dallas is using the Hope Bar to help feed kids in need...

UCBK's unique contribution to our local community lies in the use of out-of-the-box, but highly practical, energy tools to produce palpable, measurable, results - often in a surprisingly short time.

Based on a solid track record of producing positive, measurable change -- both in the corporate world of culture and change management issues, and now, starting in the arena of social service -- we are confident that this is an approach whose time has come.

UCBK's principals and dedicated team of practitioners have so far facilitated powerful transformations in the lives of hundreds of people, and are now looking to take these methodologies to larger scale - they have the potential to transform communities far beyond the current scope of Santa Cruz County.

We invite you to take a look at our work, including supporting documentation from both the corporate and social service worlds… and to consider helping us find creative, viable ways to continue and expand the range and scale of our cutting edge approach to social change.

UCBK's Informational/Documentation

Our comprehensive Informational document  can be downloaded 
​as a PDF file.

In this PDF, you'll find the details of our track record with social and organizational service (including Fortune 100 & 500 companies), case studies, endorsements, vision, and discussion of the subtle energy management techniques from ancient India that have created organizational miracles in all strata of society. 

Organizational and Social Transformation

Out of the box & into the cutting edge of social change-making

UCBK is a meditation, healing, public service, and spiritual center in the Santa Cruz mountains of California, open to anyone of any faith, path, religion, or none.

​Founded in 2007, UCBK's mission is to create healing and transformation on all possible levels: in individuals, groups, communities, organizations and society.

UCBK's public service involvement in the Santa Cruz area has focused on homelessness, and veterans' issues (particularly PTSD).

In addition to operating a teaching and healing facility, UCBK has been responsible for a free Friday lunch for the homeless & needy since 2009. This award-winning volunteer effort has fed about 8500 nutritious, hot lunches to those in need in the San Lorenzo Valley.

What we've learned over years of practical application of subtle energy management techniques from the yogic science of ancient India, is that these tools are a natural and empowering complement to the conventional social service programs.

Applying the subtle energy techniques help to create an environment in which the conventional programs work together in a more integrated way, and help to overcome many of the obstacles and limitations that impede their effectiveness.

In this pilot program, 30 children in need in the Santa Cruz, CA, area will receive a daily dose of this remarkable nutrition
(see all the nutritional details here) for six months.  

​During and after the six months, their body mass index and other health factors will be tracked and monitored, to measure the positive effects -- and healing -- that evolve through the regular consumption of Hope Bars.