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A special day-long program in Chartres, France

Holy Mother, Holy Spirit Program

Holy Mother, Holy Spirit Program

Saturday, May 25th 

Penukonda, India

Holy Mother, Holy Spirit (in France)

Holy Mother, Holy Spirit

Saturday, May 25th, 2019

10:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Advance Registration (until May 5th):   108 € 
Late Registration (May 6th & later):      140 € 

​​​“Mother is Mother,

to every soul

in the universe.

She doesn't belong
to any religion.”  


               - Sri Kaleshwar

Alx Uttermann has been leading spiritual tours of South India
and France since 2008. You can read more about her here...

Sri Kaleshwar with 9-foot Mother Divine statue,

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Alx with Mother Mary statue, 

Blue Madonna stained glass window, Chartres Cathedral, France

9-foot Mother Divine (Durga) statue

Join master healer & spiritual teacher Alx Uttermann on this day of experiential discovery of the Divine Feminine presence, energy, and consciousness at Chartres Cathedral, in France.  

Who is Mother Divine? 

What are the qualities & operational mechanisms of Her nature in this planet? 

How is Mother existing in, and playing through, each of us? 

What are Her links to the miracle energy and healings? 

How is She connected to Christ, and the Western Christian tradition? 

How can we develop our connection to Her energy, enlightenment consciousness, and miracle capacity in ourselves - and use that connection to its fullest in our spiritual lives? 

This one-day program is a meditation retreat for the soul — we will spend our time together in the gorgeous setting of Chartres & its environs in a powerful way: 

     - discussing the ancient knowledge from India about      
       Mother Divine

     - discovering more about how She operates (in our
       world and in our own selves)

     - linking our souls to the holy space of Chartres
​       Cathedral 

     - meditating deeply, going into Mother’s consciousness,
       in our own processes

Chartres Cathedral, one of the largest and best-preserved Gothic cathedrals, has been the site of Mother Divine worship & activity from ancient times…. from worship of Kali, to Druidic rites with Nature, from early Christian teachings of Mary Magdalene/Black Madonna, to the later Roman Catholic overlay of Mother Mary. 

The sacred technology of Chartres’ construction was designed to attract and radiate the blessings and direct awareness of Mother Divine — Her energy presence as Kali, as Magdalene, as Nature, is palpably strong and living, there.​​

Penukonda, India

Penukonda, India