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​The Hrudaya Chakra 

Hrudaya Chakra - Europe

The webinar is taught by Jonathan Rosen and Myuri Zonka — two of the most senior Sri Kaleshwar students and friends.

They became close friends and colleagues during the many years they both lived with Swami in the ashram in Penukonda.

Myuri served as transcriber and archivist of Swami's teachings worldwide and Curriculum Coordinator of the Sri Kaleshwar Soul University. 

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Implementing The Hrudaya Chakra

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A short webinar about the highest tuning of your Heart Chakra....

In this online webinar, we will go into the connection between the heart chakra and the third eye chakra, the key to opening the door for soul travel.

We will discuss the importance of developing prema, true love, that Swami Kaleshwar referred to as "the consciousness of the creation".

Understanding these links is essential in implementing the divine channels in all areas of our lives.

"Opening these channels is balancing Shiva and Shakti and creating Stitha Pragnyata Stage, the most important tuning of your heart."

We look forward to sharing this profound topic, including many of the practices that Swami gave to help develop the Hrudaya Chakra.

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Hrudaya Chakra - U.S.

​​"The Hrudaya Chakra is completely called Soul Chakra…

In the 'Ta' of the Hrudaya Chakra… whole game is running in the'Ta'.
​The rhythm, the fragrance, the vibrations of the 'ta' is responsible for your happiness, for your success, to make your soul strong, to decharge and charge. Ta.
​If you see on that yantra the ta it’s like a star. It’s a dazzling star." 

                                                 - Sri Kaleshwar 

Hrudaya Chakra Workshop

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