Inner Technology of The Angels 

A comprehensive workshop deep in the heart of how the angels are created, how they function and link to divine souls and divine healing work...

Join master healer Alx Uttermann for an action-packed workshop full of bliss, celebration, & phenomenal information about angels. 

All of the luminous knowledge is coming from the ancient texts of India, share through the miraculous healing saint Sri Kaleshwar, who was an expert in the realities of the angelic realm. 

This workshop will explore & illuminate: 

     - the relationship between human saints and angels
     - how angels create the healing miracles
     - how angels are themselves created
     - the reality of guardian angels
     - important caution points about handling angels
     - clear symptoms that angels are present
     - practical techniques to access the angels

and more! 

Bring your open heart, celestial sensibility, and desire to help heal humanity - and discover how close the angels really are to you, and how much they are helping the world through you. 

​$ 50 pre-recorded version 
from December 2018)

PDF handout & Dropbox link to download the entire video file will be sent by email upon your purchase of the webinar recording.


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Alx joined by some angels, teaching at UCBK Santa Cruz, 2009

Inner Technology Of Angels 

The Universal Church of Baba's Kitchen

Inner Technology Of Angels 

Inner Technology of The Angels 

Inner Tech of Angels workshop
Inner Tech of Angels workshop

Alx joined by some angels, teaching at UCBK Santa Cruz, 2009

​​"The angels, without your notice

bring God in front of you. 

When there are many angels
around you, then you'll
automatically become a very
​powerful healer." 

                      - Sri Kaleshwar