Jai Ganesh! Workshop

Jai Ganesh! Workshop

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Jai Ganesh! - Euros

"The most intelligent person, the most intelligent god,
the most intelligent at finding the way to making you successful...
You're inviting him."

                                   - Sri Kaleshwar 

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​Jonathan D. Rosen recordings of Parts 1 & 2 are available! 

Jai Ganesh! - USA

The Universal Church of Baba's Kitchen

Jai Ganesh! Workshop

A short workshop in the energy, knowledge & structure of the Remover of Obstacles, Ganesh 

​This rollicking, lively workshop in the high divine positive, irrepressively cheerful, profoundly supernatural, elephant-headed god will get you ready to welcome the Ganesh energy in a deep way.

Join master healers from UCBK - either Alx Uttermann or the late Jonathan Rosen via pre-recorded webinar -  for a profound look at the spiritual energy mechanisms behind the pudgy elephant god's appearance... 

​The class will help you build a direct, personal relationship with Ganesh so he will be available when you need him.

This workshop will include:

- Live bhajans invoking/pulling the different aspects of Ganesh's divine character & blessing (you will receive the words in advance)

- How Ganesh was created & what his inner mechanisms mean to your soul

- Techniques to increase your protection circles & angelic field

- The Ganesh Mantra - to chant whenever you want his energy with you

- An introduction to the Ganesh Yantra, as a first step to making your own on copper at a later time