Jai Ganesh! Workshop

Class Dates & Times 

Ganesh yantras & workshop, Tehachapi, California, 2016

Jai Ganesh! Workshop

A short workshop in the energy, knowledge & structure of the Remover of Obstacles, Ganesh 

This rollicking, lively workshop in the high divine positive, irrepressibly cheerful, profoundly supernatural, elephant-headed god Ganesh will leave you feeling lighter, happier, and with a deeper understanding of the energy mechanisms at work with Ganesh.  

Join master healers Jonathan D. Rosen (in recorded versions) or Alx Uttermann for a dynamic look at the spiritual energy mechanisms behind the pudgy elephant god's appearance... plus experience drawing his yantra (structure) both on paper, and on copper, to have the obstacle-removing energy with you, all the time. 

During this workshop, you'll learn: 

     - How Ganesh was created & how those miracle mechanisms are
       still running in our creation today

     - What the inner mechanism of Ganesh means to your soul

     - Techniques to increase your protection circles & angelic field

     - The Ganesh Mantra - to chant whenever you want his energy 
        with you

​     - How to draw the Ganesh yantra & put it on copper, to take 
       his energy home with you 

***Yantra-making supplies needed: 

   - Notebook or something to write with/on

   - Colored pencils or markers (fine points suggested)

   - Large pad of drawing paper or sheets of drawing paper

   - 14" x 14" foam board 

   - Masking tape 

   - White-out (yes, really!) 

   - An old ballpoint pen (dry or nearly dried out) 



Jai Ganesh! - USA

The Universal Church of Baba's Kitchen

Jai Ganesh! Workshop

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Jai Ganesh! Workshop with Jonathan

"The most intelligent person, the most intelligent god,
the most intelligent at finding the way to making you successful...
You're inviting him."

                                   - Sri Kaleshwar 

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​Jonathan D. Rosen recordings of Parts 1 & 2 are available - and Alx Uttermann's recording of the entire workshop - from teaching to copper yantra - is also available. 

Jai Ganesh! Workshop with Alx

Jai Ganesh! Workshop