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Initiating Kala Chakra Process, Los Angeles, 2017

Alx & Sri Kaleshwar chat during the original Kala Chakra Process, Joshua Tree, 2006

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​​"Turn your life to be a holy healer,
​a soul healer. Otherwise, what is the purpose of your enlightenment? 

What was the reason Jesus helped all those people? What was the reason Buddha meditated and meditated? 

​His soul completely healed millions of people; his soul was prepared like that. To everyone praying to him, he sent his energy.

                            - Sri Kaleshwar

Kala Chakra Process & Initiation

The Kala Chakra: Operating The Secrets Of Time - Process & Initiation

An all-day intensive in the deep energetic mechanics of how Time operates - as discovered by the Buddha

​How can we learn to dissolve heartbreaks & old wounds rapidly, in ourselves and others?  How can we find the real enlightenment? 

Join master healer Alx Uttermann as she shares ancient  knowledge from India and initiates a powerful spiritual process ... this is the inner discovery of the Buddha -- how Time operates. ​

Kala, Time, is one of the main energetic forces in this planet, and through the Kala cycles (before the Maya), the karmas are created and experienced in human beings. 

How Time, Kala, actually operates on the human souls is a subject full of potential for deep healing, for a greater understanding of the challenges facing humanity at large, and how to shift them into bliss instantly. 

Benefits of the Kala Chakra Process include: 

      - fixing heartbreak problems

      - creating the enligthenment in the self 

      - fix the blocks (negative emotions) & maya


   - Notebook or something to write with/on

   - Colored pencils or markers (fine points suggested)

   - Large pad of drawing paper or sheets of drawing paper

   - 14" x 14" foam board 

   - Masking tape 

   - White-out (yes, really!) 

   - An old ballpoint pen (dry or nearly dried out) 

   - Vegetarian potluck lunch item to share

​or hard-copy) -  
you can find this transcript here. 

***Planning to attend by pre-recorded webinar?  
PDF handout with the class materials & a link to the Zoom
videos (downloadable on Dropbox) will be emailed to you
​as soon as possible after your purchase of the webinar.

You will also need to have a copper sheet or two - 12" x 12", 36 gauge recommended, to draw the yantra on copper. 

​$ 126 registration

Kala Chakra Process

What is the purpose
​of your enlightenment?

Kala Chakra Process