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"​​​Japa (sacred mantra meditation) is top, top, top, number one, top priority to charge your soul. There’s nothing else in the universe that can charge that much high frequency to your soul. It’s like a super charging to your soul battery. 
​Then, generally, the negativity won’t touch you that much once you’re super charged. You have much willpower, confidence, the highest resistance power, and divine protection circles around you."

                                                 - Sri Kaleshwar 

Mechanics of Meditation

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A short webinar going into the depths of about what happens in meditation & how to meditate effectively....

Join UCBK's master teacher Alx Uttermann - or a pre-recorded version with the late Jonathan D. Rosen -  for this powerful workshop that will illuminate your meditation practice, through knowledge & experience. 

What's really happening in meditation? 

If we're charging the soul, how come so many thoughts are running in the mind?  

What is the goal of meditation -- is it peace of mind, balance, spiritual growth, greater clarity...? 

How can we gain maximum spiritual energy through meditating? 

This class is designed for meditators of all experience levels, from any tradition, to help gain a deeper understanding of the underlying mechanisms in meditation.  It includes an exploration of crystal-clear and simple techniques for meditation, whether you're a total beginner or a more advanced meditator.  

What you can expect: a deep analysis of the process of how we go from the surface level of the mind to the depths of silence.

This will also include scientific research on the physiology of meditation; what happens to the metabolism, heart rate, breath rate, brain waves and blood chemistry in the human system when it is exposed to the deep silence.  

Finally, a coherent answer to the question: is it necessary to have a purely empty mind in order to meditate effectively?  

The experience of meditation will be covered from many different angles, such as: 

- What's the real point of meditation? 

- How to do japa effectively? 

- Why is mantra necessary? 

- What is the different between doing japa & other meditations? 

- What's the connection between meditation & the heart & the soul?

- What is trance and what's really happening in that stage of meditation? 

- What are the symptoms of a successful meditation? 

- What's an energy channel and how do we experience it? 

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Mechanics of Meditation

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