Special Three Class Series!

Understanding This Creation: Mother, Father, Guru

A three-class series of divine knowledge classes/webinars from the luminous teachings of ancient India...  

How can we understand the inner consciousness effectively?
What energies are generating, operating, and destroying in our world, and in ourselves, and why?

If we are operating as consciousness characters in this world, and as healers, how can we understand this creation deeply enough to help dissolve the suffering in it? 

This three-part series will help you go more deeply into the mechanics of this creation, and your own self.

By learning about the nature of the Mother Divine, the nature of the Shiva (Father Divine), and of the Guru principle (including Dattatreya), you will emerge with a clearer sense of how the energies work, and how to be of more help in this world. 

Join master healer Alx Uttermann for a powerful, informative, energetic adventure over three Spiritual Saturdays, going deep into the nature of each of the divine characters who form our consciousness - with or without our awareness. 

Participants can attend each short class/webinar separately, or take the whole series for a significant discount.  It's advisable to commit to all three, to build a cumulative understanding of the consciousness. 


** Pre-recorded webinar attendees will be emailed the handouts within a short time of registration. 

​$ 140  registration for the entire series
$ 54 each class 

Location: Alx' humble home temple
11927 Kiowa Ave #2, LA, 90049
(2 blocks N of Wilshire, off of Bundy - street parking)


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Mother-Father-Guru Series

Mother-Father-Guru Series

​​"You have to understand first the behavior of the Mother. And understand the behavior of the Shiva.
And understand the behavior of the Vishnu.
And understand your behavior that links with your blocks.
Mother is very interesting... but why is everybody linked with the Guru to make that channeling?


​           - Sri Kaleshwar

Mother Divine - 50% loving mother, 50% Mahamaya

Lord Shiva (Divine Father) - the pure silence 

The guru lineage - the bridge to the cosmic

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