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Four-Part Series:

Understanding Mother Divine
& Her Illusion Nets 

An in-depth series of knowledge teachings from the ancient system of Paramashiva Yoga & the living Sai tradition, about the nature of Nature....

Join master healer Alx Uttermann in this pre-recorded Ph.D.-level exploration & understanding about how the Maya (illusion) in this world operates, and how the Mother Divine creates, operates, destroys, and again generates the illusions - to help the souls evolve into purity, clarity, and the flowing divinity of the siddha nature. 

These teachings come from an ancient soul science called Paramashiva Yoga - a step-by-step, systematic approach in understanding Mother Divine, building energy enough to receive Her darshan (seeing Her face-to-face), and experiencing the directly blessing of Her creation (and miracle healing) energy. 

This is a deep, full experience of the knowledge contained in these profound, sacred teachings. Handling yourself, handling the Mother Divine, learning to recognize Her illusions -- all important steps towards gaining mastery channels and winning Mother Divine. 

4 Sessions 

1. Understanding Karma, Illusion, & The Avadhuta Energy
2 -3. Recognizing The Illusions, Washing The Blocks (2 parts on this)
4. Seeing The Reality In The Illusions & Siddhis

******You'll receive the PDF file of the material and the downloadable Dropbox files link upon purchase (as soon as possible once we receive your payment). 


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​​"Human life is an unbelievable
gift and boon. Same time, it is Mahamaya Loka. We came in Mahamaya Loka.

In the universe, the highest desire soul is the human being.

That's why we are carrying unbelievable karmas in this planet.

If you really want to reach Her,
you have to go through the siddhic powers. That's the system generally. Without siddhic powers, you can also reach Mother Divine -
but 98% of the saints reached (Her) through ​the powers." 

Sri Kaleshwar

Mother's Illusions Series

Understanding Mother's Illusion Nets 

Understanding Mother's Illusion Nets Series

9-foot tall Mahisasura Mardini Ma statue in Penukonda, India