Sri Kaleshwar, in front of the living statue of Jesus, Penukonda, India

The Nine Cross Chakras Process
& Initiation

A powerful webinar in a profound divine process about the reality of the chakras hidden in the cross 

Join master healer Alx Uttermann in a deep mystical process and initiation - with on-going meditations to do - in the most intense, intimate teaching of the Jesus Christ energy and the inner mechanisms, the reality, of the cross yantra.  

​There are nine chakras hidden in the yantra of the cross, relating to the human soul, the siddha nature, the enlightenment channels, and the Christ Consciousness. 

​Sri Kaleshwar gave this immense, most luminous teaching out for the first time in 2009, the culmination of a ten-year desire to share this information with humanity again.

​To receive and hold this energy, it is advisable to have a power spot in Penukonda - or be solemnly committed to get one within 2020. 

​Sunday, January 26th (was the live teaching)
10:30  a.m. - 6:00 p.m. 

$ 150 registration, includes PDF of the transcript


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​​"That spark of the love, a spark of inspiration of the love — that you need to create. That needs to come out. That thunder —a spark — that needs to come out. It means, two clouds very badly needs to hit. Then the thunder needs to come down to the ground. Then you need it to stay there and it hits on your third eye.

To understand the mechanism of the divine channels, that is the first priority. Then knowing the Jesus Christ life, that's secondary. A scorpion bite happened. The poison is there in the body and a person is in pain. Doesn't matter you're a Buddhist, a Hindu, a Christian, whichever religion you are, how to take the poison out, that's the concept." 
-  Sri Kaleshwar

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Nine Cross Chakras

The Nine Cross Chakras Process & Initiation

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