​​"A mother’s love is
equal to crores of
​people’s unlimited love
Through the breast milk, the mother is giving (to the baby), 
​is great blissful love.
A mother’s love to the child is great bliss - 
Come & understand...!"

Champaka Mala Poem, 
Sri Kaleshwar

The Peaceful Form Of The Mother ​​​   

Peaceful Form Of Mother

Mahisasura Mardini Ma statue in Penukonda, India

Workshop & Webinar

The Peaceful Form Of Mother

The Universal Church of Baba's Kitchen

The Peaceful Form Of The Mother 

A short workshop in the ancient knowledge of India, about Mother Divine in Her peaceful form 

Join master healer Alx Uttermann for this profound exploration of a powerful aspect of the Divine Feminine -- the peaceful Mother Divine, after She has destroyed the negativity... how does this aspect of the Divine Feminine resonate and activate from within each of us? 

What is the true nature of Mother Divine's heart for humanity? 

How are the human females expressing that truth? 

​How is a human mother linked to the Divine Mother? 

How can we understand and maintain the peaceful vibration of the Shakti, in our lives and in this world?

We will share some natural and super-natural secrets about the Mother's nature, throughout this workshop, as well as specific techniques for women healers to become even more powerful as they express the Shakti of the Mother Divine in this world.   


​$ 63 registration

Joining by pre-recorded webinar?
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