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Sri Kaleshwar holding Shiva's Soul Object, 
the Alahala Lingam, Penukonda, India.

Special Yantras
Special Power Objects

This powerful healing yantra was designed by Jesus Christ (the greatest healer this world has ever seen) in India, 2000 years ago. Accurately reproduced from an ancient manuscript, the J.C. Yantra represents the energy structure of the eternal knowledge of the Sapta Rishis, the Seven Great Rishis.

A spiritual tool for accessing healing & peace of mind, the J.C. Yantra prevents any negativity from entering your home. It is a divine protection device. 

Angelic structures, through the angles, petals, and circles, radiate divine understanding & soul knowledge of truth and illusion, life and death, and the Brahma Consciousness (the Christ, or creation, Consciousness).

As part of its creation & activation, this yantra is charged in a special fire ceremony. 

The Sri Chakra Yantra is the energetic home of the Mother Divine; it is Her structure, expressing Her highest blessing & creating nature. 

As the blueprint of the manifest creation, including the Five Elements of nature (earth, fire, sky, water & air) and the angels, the Sri Chakra is also a super-magnet for attracting healing, wealth, name & fame and the fulfillment of our deepest soul desires. 

In the ancient Vedic tradition from India, the yantra structure is known to be 1000 times more powerful than a mantra. The Sri Chakra, in particular, is hung and worshipped in every temple dedicated to the Mother Divine. 

As part of its creation & activation, this yantra is charged in a special fire ceremony.

JC (Jesus Christ) Yantra
​- on copper

Only 3 left! 

Sri Chakra Yantra
​- on copper


Silver Shirdi Baba Medallion
​- blessed by Baba's Brick,
​Guru Purima 2013


Rudraksha Mala
​- directly blessed by Sri Kaleshwar

Sri Kaleshwar at UCBK in 2011, holding 
​the emerald Vel to Shirdi Baba's murthi.

Sri Kaleshwar at UCBK in 2011, holding the emerald Vel (divine weapon of Lord Muruga) that Mother Divine  manifested into Kaleshwar's hand to give to Jonathan Rosen (during the Maheshwari Process) . 

Read more about the inner mechanisms of power objects here.... in an 8-page compilation from the teachings of Sri Kaleshwar:

Through the grace of Sri Kaleshwar & the Guru Parampara including Shirdi Sai Baba, UCBK was given a limited number of power objects to share, directly blessed by Sri Kaleshwar.  

We also were blessed to create a few special objects straight from an energy transfer from Shirdi Baba's brick -- see the Soul Object page for more details & explanation of this -- on Guru Purnima 2013. 

Our on-going spiritual work with yantras, high divine diagrams where specific energy is captured in the sacred geometry rendered on copper, is another aspect of blessing & upliftment to share with humanity for blessing and upliftment. 

​(Note: A percentage of your donation to UCBK for these power objects is tax-deductible.) 

Some Uses Of Power Objects 

Whenever you are meditating, just keep your power object around you. It's good. 

Whenever you're sleeping, power objects are most useful. Just keeping them in your bedroom and sleeping with them. You have no idea how much that energy lifts your soul. Step by step, it lifts it. 

For Healing 
People can hold it, they can touch it, and they can meditate with it unless it's something Mother Divine gave, or you made it and got it in the most powerful way during a certain process. 

Even for me, it's not my business to see certain power objects you receive until some clearance comes. Whatever you got from me, other people can definitely touch -- they can get the benefit. 

But don't let anybody steal your things. It's really tempting. One million percent it will tempt."


                                                                  -- Sri Kaleshwar 

If from the master's own mouth he says it is a power object, it doesn't matter what, the energy has to flow from him. That is the God judgment. Suppose a master gave you some of his hair, or his shaved beard, or he bought you a Shiva statue and said, "Keep it. It's your power object." Then the energy has to flow from him to you through that object." 

​                              - Sri Kaleshwar

“Power object means completely that Mother Divine is staying inside. Period."  
 - Sri Kaleshwar

"Power objects are one of the shortest, shortest, shortest methods to connect with high divine souls and to Shiva and Shakti very, very, very easily. That's the number one golden statement. But your heart needs to be open. 

Special Power Objects 

Special Power Objects