Power Objects: The Nectar, The Fire

Power Objects Workshop

Alx holding the Shakti Vel, power object linked to Muruga

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Power Objects

The Universal Church of Baba's Kitchen

​​"Why did the saints always keep power objects with them?
When their personal power was less, the power objects would regenerate millions of times of high power to that soul." 
-  Sri Kaleshwar

Sri Kaleshwar holding the Alahala Lingam, Penukonda, India

Power Objects: The Nectar, The Fire

A lengthy, pre-recorded webinar in a deep knowledge dive about the nature of power objects, their use & practical mechanisms

Join master healer Alx Uttermann in a deep knowledge exploration &  teaching about power objects -- a largely unknown spiritual technology
in our world. 

Why are power objects important?  What is the energy in power objects?

Do power objects help with healing? With enlightenment?  

What is the inner mechanism? Why do the holy saints need the power objects? 

​How do they create power objects?  

In the world, there are certain  powerful places -- what is the energy running in them?  Is it linked with power objects?

Where is the best place to keep one's power objects? 

Based on discussions from Paramashiva Yoga and the many questions about power objects during the 90-day Program in 2010, we'll discuss deeply and share the knowledge of the ancient saints via Sri Kaleshwar.  

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