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Special Knowledge Session Webinar: 

The Importance & Mechanisms of a Power Spot

A short workshop/webinar and knowledge session about what a power spot is, what it means to have one, and how to use it effectively.  
** this webinar will be recorded for later viewing/purchase

Join long-time Sai student/teacher Alx Uttermann in this in-depth knowledge session and teaching about having a power spot in Penukonda. 

This teaching includes: 

     - Discussing the origins of the power spot

     - The inner mechanisms of the power spot

     - Benefits of having a power spot

     - Understanding about Penukonda and its ancient links to the cosmic

     - The technology/mechanism of using the power spot in healing,
       decharging, teaching, and meditation 

     - Mantras to connect with the power spot

Bring your questions!  ​​

You can purchase this pre-recorded webinar for
the "advance registration" fee of $50 

Upon purchase, you'll be sent the PDF handout of the class material,
​as well as a link to download the entire video. 


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​​"Your personal mantra is linked with your power spot, and your power spot is linked with your protection circles. Your power spot is responsible for taking care of all your blocks.


​                       - Sri Kaleshwar

Power Spot Mechanisms & Importance

Power Spot Webinar

Power Spot Webinar