Satsangs with Alx & the UCBK Santa Cruz and Los Angeles community... 

How can we come together to share wisdom, healing, knowledge and divine support as we walk along this path together?   

As students of the Sai tradition, all of us are going deeper into the mechanisms of enlightenment, of service, of the true satya, dharma, shanti and prema (the truth, duty, peace and love) that are the pillars of spirituality in our world.  

As supernatural healers, we have a lot of tools and capacity to help assist our world (and ourselves) through this turbulent period of time on the planet. 

More than ever, we need to come together in unity, to meditate and share together, spreading the love and being in our group consciousness... 

"The subject is the divine bee & the beehive, how the bee gives the nectar in the nature.  I am talking the philosophy of Shakespeare here."  

                                               - Sri Kaleshwar

It takes a lot of bees to create the nectar together.

​We hope you'll join us in these weekly satsangs, to be present and supportive of the unity of light that can help, so much, in our world at this time -- and in our own hearts and souls.

​Let's create the real nectar together! 


Thursday Night Satsangs By Zoom

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The Universal Church of Baba's Kitchen

​​"Jonathan & Alx have been good students with me for some years. You can really take the knowledge from them."            
- Sri Kaleshwar 

Date: Thursday nights

Time: 7:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. PST

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Suggested donation: $15

Sliding scale available in case of need, see below. 

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