INDIA - 2019 Power Journey

India 2019 Power Tour Fees - registration CLOSED 

Sacred Power Journey 2019

Standard Registration   -   $3700
(registrations after December 21st 2018)

$1800 non-refundable* deposit required
​to hold your space 

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Shiva Lingam, in the Shiva Cave, Penukonda, India

*Refund Policy: All deposits are non-refundable.

“Sweet India! Alx is a brilliant guide..."
...thoughout India. I felt 1000% safe under her care - and with all the
logistics taken care of - I was able to fully immerse into the wonders
​of this marvelous country. I highly recommend her as a guide; she is lovingly familiar with the customs, the places, the history, and the spirituality of India.  Our time spent together was the trip of a lifetime, and I can’t wait to return with her in the future!

​                                                          - Teresa Magart 

                                                            2016 Power Journey Attendee


​    is closed now!see you next year...

The Universal Church of Baba's Kitchen

A Sacred Power Journey 
In South India

February 19th - March 7th, 2019

“An outstanding adventure!! I loved it!"
This power journey expanded my life experience and deepened my relationship with spirit. Thanks to Alx's guidance and expertise (in both India & the spiritual teachings of Sri Kaleshwar), doors opened for us to have some educational, spiritual and magical experiences. 

                                                                   - Linda Morris,
                                                          2016 Power Journey Attendee

Regular Registration

​​​​Early Bird Registration   -   $3200 
(ends December 21st  2018) 

$1800 non-refundable* deposit required by December 21st to hold your space 

Remainder of registration
​due by January 31st, 2019

Questions?  Contact Alx via email or phone 831/421-1921

Join master healer, spiritual teacher & tour guide 
​Alx Uttermann on this inspiring tour of dazzling temples
& holy power spots sacred to Shiva, Dattatreya, & Mother Divine in South India -- through Maha Shiva Rathri.

This 17-day odyssey into spiritual experiences will trace the evolution & deep understanding of the consciousness of Shiva, and the divine souls (saints) like Jesus Christ -- from their holy expressions in the West back to the source of ancient divine knowledge & yogic energy channels: India.

In each location along the way on this mobile spiritual retreat-in-the-world, Alx will lead deep group meditations 
processes, giving specific techniques to access the different holy energies flowing -- charging your soul super-high, linking to these powerful sacred sites.  

The journey will culminate in a 6-day stay in Penukonda, India, on the ashram of Sri Kaleshwar, during the highly auspicious power time of Maha Shiva Rathri. Shiva Rathri is when the veils between the material and the divine worlds are super-thin....and the consciousness is easier to access. Shiva Rathri in Penukonda is a doorway into the celestial. 

​This top power spot is a spiritual paradise for serious

students of the divine, who want to experience the
reality of this creation, the miracle energy, and receive
the immortal blessing of Mother, Father, and Guru.


2019 Power Journey Registration

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India Tour Details

February 19th - March 7th

17 days/16 nights

Your tax-deductible price includes:

- Accommodations, all meals, transportation all around South India, + room & board at the Penukonda ashram. 

- Alx's thorough tour guidance (advance reservations, travel arrangements, logistics) & itinerary, special spiritual teachings, meditation process instructions in each powerful place. 

Price Excludes: 

Airfare to/from Bengaluru, India

Shiva Rathri Program in Penukonda  ($540, $200 if you attended  
​                                                         Immortal Enlightenment 2011)

​Power Spot Process in Penukonda ($108)

​+ Shiva Rathri Program supply expenses (about $50)

+ personal use items in Penukonda

Alx & the Power Journey 2016 group in front
​of Mahisasura Mardini Ma, 

also known as Kanaka Durga, in Penukonda, India

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