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What's in the Hope Bars?  

For more information on how you can become a Consumer (purchase a box of Hope Bars for personal use), Supporter (purchase a box of Hope Bars every months & a second box will feed children in need), or an Ambassador (become a partner with our UCBK Hope Bar Mission & Social Entrepreneur program), CLICK HERE.

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        - The Science in the Hope Bar

UCBK & VCUM: A Long-Term Collaboration In Sharing Food With Those Who Need It Most

UCBK has been working with VCUM since 2009, providing an ongoing free lunch to those in need in the area at the St. Michael’s Catholic Church in Boulder Creek.

To date, we have provided about 8000 nutritious whole food, home-cooked vegetarian meals, in a beautiful environment of sharing, caring and community.

In 2011, UCBK was given the Angel of the Year Award by VCUM, for its community service in feeding the homeless and needy, and helping PTSD veterans.  UCBK also received recognitions from the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors, Santa Cruz City Council, US Congresswoman Anna Eshoo, State Senators Joe Simitian and Sam Blakeslee, and State Assemblyman Bill Monning.

Our vision is that this Hope Bar pilot project will provide a template for larger projects to address the obesity/malnutrition crisis in the local Santa Cruz area, as well as nationally, and even globally – and provide the verified results to merit large foundation funding for on-going work in this vital area of social & humanitarian service. 

How it works: Buy One, Nourish Two...! 

Your $75 purchase of one 30-day supply of whole food nutrition Hope Bars automatically results
​in a matching box donated to a child in need.  
Or you can choose to waive your own supply,
& simply donate BOTH boxes to nourish
​two children for a month - for the same price.

​​Your on-going monthly support greatly enhances
​ our ability to create a successful pilot program with consistently fed children & verified research results.     

We need your help!  
​Urgent call for 30 8 more Donors! 

Will you sponsor a child in need for three months?

​Support our new Pilot Program with Valley Churches United Missions in Santa Cruz! 

UCBK has partnered with Valley Churches United Missions again!
We are thrilled to be collaborating with VCUM on a Hope Bar Project to help children in extreme need  in the San Lorenzo Valley of Santa Cruz.  (
VCUM is a premier resource for food, clothing, & many services/ goods for homeless people & families in need -- see below for a longer description of UCBK's lengthy relationship with VCUM.) 

Together with Valley Churches United Missions, we are launching a pilot program to provide Hope Bars and complete nutrition (including Immunaloe - immune system support from aloe vera), to 30 children in need, for three months. (See Valley Churches' letter of intent & 7-donor equivalent, below.) 

Tracking Improvement

Through the help of medical & other professionals, we will track the children's improvement over a number of areas including general health, obesity reduction, and quality of life.  

Saving The Children - Giving Hope

UCBK has partnered with the Hope Bar Project, helping children in need gain access to whole food nutrition

Join us in our commitment to social change-making through helping malnourished children get whole-food based, complete nutrition daily.  

​According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Childhood Malnutrition is the #1 global health crisis.  It is also solvable, if we all come together to help.