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Joining late or on the day: $140

(sliding scale available in cases of sincere need)

Shiva Rathri 2018 Group Process:

Wednesday, February 20th -
​Tuesday, March 5th:

Shiva Rathri 2019 - Special Process

We realize that not everyone can attend a sacred power journey -- in person -- around South India at this time. But we can all be together on the inner level, and share the energy fully, regardless of where the physical body is located!   

We will be sharing videos and photographs along the way on the Sacred Power Journey Facebook page -- you can connect here to see the physical details about the energy you are receiving as the 14-day process goes along! 

Join the sacred power journey UCBK is conducting in India -- from the inside! 

UCBK is pleased to be offering a special meditation & transmission-receiving process, during the incredibly auspicious time of Maha Shiva Rathri (Shiva's special night). 

This 14-day group meditation & healing process deep in the heart of the Shiva energy & blessings, available to anyone in the world! 

During these 14 days, a group of 9 beautiful souls will be traveling through South India, visiting powerful temples and ancient sacred sites - and transmitting the blessings, healing energy, and enlightenment consciousness to everyone who joins this special remote group process. 

Additionally, members will receive blessing from the UCBK-Santa Cruz Shiva Rathri day special pujas (homas/abisheks). 

This Shiva Rathri Process will include connecting with Shiva in many ways, through:

     - Deep daily meditations in the Shiva energy

     - Transmissions from South India & The Sacred Power Journey

     - Special Shiva Rathri energy from Penukonda
     - Shiva Rathri energy via UCBK pujas (abishek/homa in Santa Cruz)

     - Videos and communications from the India group

Maha Shiva Rathri -- a couple days before the New Moon in February -- is such an incredibly auspicious time, when the veils of maya are thinnest, and the divine energy is flowing through the Bolo Shankara (boon-giving) heart of Shiva.  Many, many  blessings & healings are easily granted during this special time of deep silence & calm.  

Special Pujas - from India & UCBK-Santa Cruz

Alx abisheks Shirdi Baba murthi, Penukonda, India, 2017

A beautiful 14-day process, full of meditations, transmissions, and blessing,  leading up to and through Maha Shiva Rathri...   

After group abishek of Shirdi Baba murthi, Santa Cruz, CA, Guru Purnima 2018

Through Shiva's connection with the Five Elements of nature; the Earth, Fire, Sky (Ether), Water, and Air, we will bring his energy & silence strongly, blessing and uplifting anyone with an open heart who wants to connect during this Maha Shiva Rathri time.

The energy flowing from the power journey group and the Shiva sites (and power objects) in India will be a palpable empowerment for your soul & inner consciousness. 

Sri Kaleshwar with the Alahala Lingam,
​Shiva's soul object,  Penukonda, India

Abishek (holy bath) of Baba murthi, Santa Cruz, CA

Shiva Rathri 2019

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Lord Shiva, God the Father, blessing everyone

Group abishek of Shirdi Baba murthi, Santa Cruz, CA, Guru Purnima 2018

Sliding scale donation is available in case of sincere need  - please check in with Alx by emailing her here. You can enter any amount by using the donate button, below. 

"Coming Along" on the Sacred Power Journey... 

The Universal Church of Baba's Kitchen

Through the holy fire homas (pujas) and abisheks (washing deity statues) on Shiva Rathri day - both from Penukonda, India, and from Santa Cruz, CA, - UCBK will be sending the blessings straight to your soul.  This experience of clarity, inner peace, upliftment, and consciousness will be flowing strongly.

Shiva Rathri Process Group members will be notified about exact times of these pujas, and when to meditate to gain the most energy. 

Shiva Rathri Process 2019

Saturday, February 16th - Process Launch
via Conference Call 

     10:00 a.m. PST (CA - US)  

       1:00 p.m. EST US
       6:00 p.m. (18:00) UK 

       7:00 p.m. (19:00) Continental Europe
(This call will be recorded/shared for those
​who can't attend live.)  

We will discuss the process details, give some personal process '
homework', and meditate together. 

Once the group is assembled, we will update everyone via email with the schedule from India and from UCBK-Santa Cruz, where the special pujas will be happening during the Shiva Rathri time....   

Alx abisheks Shirdi Baba murthi, Penukonda, India, 2017

Shiva Rathri 2019 - Process
A Special Time Of Love, Power, & Inner Silence Transmissions From South India + UCBK pujas. February 20th - March 5th 

​"Shiva Ratri is nothing but Shiva’s day— Na-Ma-Shi-Va-Ya— earth, fire, sky, water, air.
Silence means everything is there, the source of all.
​Silence = God = Peace = Shiva.

   - Sri Kaleshwar