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Soul Object Creation Puja

Shirdi Baba murthi at UCBK, with Baba's brick at his feet, Shiva Rathri 2013

"A statue is also a power object."  
​                                                 - Sri Kaleshwar 

Soul Object Puja: $1008 

Yes! I want to receive my soul object. 

Here is my tax-deductible donation of $1008 to UCBK for this special Soul Object Creation Puja, by credit card via Paypal.  

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Sri Kaleshwar making one power object from another

Sri Kaleshwar with Shiva's soul object: the Alahala Lingam

Getting Mother Divine's darshan again, after having had one already…

Download a free 8-page compilation about the mechanisms of power objects from the teachings of Sri Kaleshwar here: 

​"Who already has Soul Objects, it's very easy to them – super easy.  You can pull Mother by yourself, with your spouse, or in groups.  You can show Mother Divine to your students."
​                  - Sri Kaleshwar

Specifics about Baba's Brick:
​Shirdi Baba's Soul Object,
​& Asta Siddhis Are There 

"The power object pretty good is linked with your soul. So soul object and power object...

​On the day, Shirdi Sai Baba’s master, Venkusa, gave a brick to Baba. The brick was his power object. He made him, 'Wherever you go, walk with the brick, sleep on the brick. Never use a pillow.' If I tell you, how long you can do that? It's really difficult to carry a brick. To the world, to the belief system, we might think it's a little crazy, it's a cult but there's a lot of depth meaning in it. His master made a comment, 'Whenever you lose your power object or break your object it means you're going out, you're coming back to me.' 

So, on Mother Divine festival in 1918 in October at that time, one beautiful student of Baba’s was cleaning the Dwarkamai. Baba kept his brick on one side. Unfortunately, the brick fell off and it broke into (two) pieces. Then he came, Baba came and looked at him, 'You did your duty; it's time for me to go.' 

Baba’s brick is nothing but asta siddhis brick.  Baba’s soul object. 

Entire saptarishis, Lakshmi, Durga, Saraswati, Brahma, Vishnu, Maheshwara, all the divine angels, divine souls, everything in one form; that form is Maha Kali. That Maha Kali, she’s having the eight siddhis around Her. That’s called Maha Kali. That Maha Kali is kind of pure in a relaxation stage, the final weapon is the form of Jesus Christ. I told about that.

Without asta siddhis  implementing, Jesus Christ (Channels) and any soul traveling, you cannot do it, khandana yoga, any yogas -- highly impossible. Shirdi Baba’s brick is nothing but asta-siddhis brick. That, by grace of Baba, we are holding that in Penukonda. Yes.

​So, asta-siddhis, nine arrows is different. Asta-siddhis is different."  

​                                         - Sri Kaleshwar

At UCBK, we are honored to be creating soul objects for serious spiritual practitioners in the Sai energy channels, using part of Shirdi Baba's brick (one of Baba's soul objects) as a power object to create another soul object.

Sri Kaleshwar entrusted half of Baba's brick to Alx & Jonathan, at UCBK, giving it into their care during the Immortal Enlightenment program in Penukonda, India, 2011.  He gave them detailed instructions about how to initiate their group into the Immortal Enlightenment, through the brick... before taking it back to America, and displaying this supreme power object at UCBK. 

But you need to know how to get access, to create one power object from another power object. That's a link with the soul object.

You only can create a soul object when you have a power object already.

​If you didn't have your soul object in your life, it's very difficult to protect your soul not to get disturbed with the crazy environment of illusions, crazy vibrations."              - Sri Kaleshwar

Soul Object Gives the Big Protection to Your Life 
"Nowadays if you walk, if you see any person's life, if you see 1000 people, tons of up and down, pain, suffering, suffering. So you need to protect yourself. You need a soul object. Once you have your soul object, done. Nothing will disturb you. 

​Try to make yourself know your soul. Then connect to the power object; create the power object. 

"In every person's life, a few things are very important: 
- Power spot
- Personal mantra
- Power object
- Soul object
- Personal channeling to the cosmic 

These are 100% necessary. Even though we all came from the One, until you reach the One, you need to create your oneness by carrying all these things with you.
​It's the most important to create the balance."
​                                         - Sri Kaleshwar  

Soul Object Creation Puja