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“Fire pujas work to ful­fill all desires. They work over long dis­tance to bring suc­cess and solve your prob­lems.”                           - Sri Kaleshwar

Special Healing & Blessing Pujas -- Part 2

Sri Kaleshwar & Jonathan Rosen 
Special fire homa at UCBK, Santa Cruz, CA, 2011

Special Healing & Blessing Pujas -- Part 1

Special power objects used in special pujas, including an emerald vel - Muruga's weapon to destroy negativity

Sri Kaleshwar fire homa, Penukonda, India 

Fire homa offerings, Los Angeles, CA

Special Healing & Blessing
​Fire Pujas/Homas

Specific special processes we can do for you, either in-person or as a distance healing & blessing include:  

1. Removing Life Obstacles - Ganesh Homa  ($220) 

For removing obstacles in personal, emotional, family or business life. Helps to relieve health problems.  Also, blessing any new project, business, or endeavor. 

2. Material Abundance Puja - Lakshmi Homa  ($270) 
For bringing financial stability and prosperity to an individual, family, or business — also, creates spiritual abundance.

3. Release Negativity, Increase Protection Circles - Dattatreya Homa  ($270) 
Special healing for any negativity (either external or inner negativity, self-sabotage, negative thinking/emotions) and to increase protection circles. Helps a home, a family, an individual afflicted by severe karmic conditions, from illness to financial ruin, emotional problems and conflicts.

4. Getting Your Proper Soulmate ($270)
Having the right soulmate, the real soulmate, in your life, is an essential part of spiritual progress and evolution. There are literally some spiritual processes that can’t be done without having the real soulmate — it is a cornerstone of spiritual success.  This means, someone who loves you unconditionally, and for whom you have pure, unconditional love.  The soulmate is one to whom you can tell everything from your life, A - Z, without fear of judgment or misunderstanding — there is no hiding anything with a real soulmate. 

5. Healing Physical Illness or Disease ($320) 
A special healing transmission for helping to heal the underlying causes of physical illness or disease. This puja helps to strengthen the inner soul of a person, re-awaking the inner spark, so that the soul itself can begin to fix the home (physical body) it inhabits.  Each of us has a powerful inner healer inside — but sometimes we need an extra dose of high divine energy for that inner healer to remember itself and begin to act strongly on our own behalf! 

6. Healing Addiction/Depression ($320) 
This healing transmission specifically addresses the underlying dynamics of addiction and depression, and can help relieve them.  It’s easy to become trapped in addiction, or depression, and not be able to see a way out of the cycles — with divine intervention, however, whatever is stuck there, in a person, can be unstuck at the soul level.  

7. Blessing For Spiritual & Material Desires - Mother Divine Homa  ($333) 
A Sri Chakra homa, blessing the highest spiritual desires and needs of any person — as well as the deeper, dharmic material desires — through the endless love, creative fire and infinite healing grace of Mother Divine.  Powerful healing abilties, enlightenment, strong inner consciousness — these are some of the potential spiritual benefits of this special puja. 

8. Opening The Heart - Jesus Christ Homa  ($410)
The highest peacefulness, high-consciousness, pure love blessing for healing, blessing, upliftment, inspiration in all angles of life — while connecting with the Big Boss, Jesus Christ’s soul.   Highly recommended for those in need of spiritual connection, personal healing, or wanting healing from heartbreak — to have a strong open heart — especially those who want to become strong healers in this world. 

9. Extreme Clarity & Strong Third Eye - Muruga Homa ($420) 
To bring extreme clarity in your spiritual & regular life — strengthening the Third Eye capability, and burning the illusion-challenges that prevent a person from recognizing their true, divine nature.  Incredible protection, breaking of negativity, and rapid changes for the better come with the Muruga energy. 

10. Special Healing For Healers  ($500) 
Especially for healers from any profession, this special puja helps to decharge the built-up stress, karmas, energy, health problems and other challenges facing those who are giving their service to help relieve the suffering in others.  Transmitting extra high divine energy to support the on-going work of being a successful healer is part of this puja, as well. 

11. Healing Heartbreak From Relationships While Strengthening The Womb Chakra  ($1260) 
Releasing trauma, depression, heart-pain from relationships, loss, betrayal, divorce or break-ups, and strengthening/purifying layers of the Holy Womb Chakra, to regain and regenerate the highest inner creation energy.  

This puja includes a charged Womb Chakra Yantra on copper as a personal link with this process -- the physical yantra will be sent to the recipient of the special healing. 

12. Healing/Purifying Family Karmas  ($2,300) 
Burning out lifetimes of stuck, old karmic patterns — from your immediate family, and then the previous generations of extended family karma.  Often we are stuck in the cycles and influences from our family’s accrued karmas, and the tendencies play out in our lives whether we’re aware of this, or not — and whether we like it, or not.  The intense relief from having the weight of family karmas lifted is extraordinary, and liberating.  

All Special Pujas are available as tax-deductible contributions to UCBK, to keep doing our spiritual mission of helping the world.

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The spark that became UCBK:
Alx Uttermann, Sri Kaleshwar, & Jonathan Rosen
Penukonda, India, 2005

Fire ceremonies, or homas (also called yagyams) have been a staple part of the Vedic tradition since time immemorial.  The holy souls, saints, seers sages & top healers throughout history have always used the fire element in a sacred way to create, to transform, to provide healing and upliftment to humanity. 

At UCBK, in addition to our regular full moon and new moon healing fire homas, we also offer special pujas during these high divine times, to help relieve the challenges of individuals, groups, and families.  These special pujas are available both via UCBK Santa Cruz, and UCBK Los Angeles. 

These special pujas are powerful transmissions of the energy to any person, anywhere in the world.  This use of the fire to convey blessings & healing over a distance is a specialized technique that creates effective results. 

You can find out more about fire homas, in general, here.


Special Healing Pujas & Blessings

I gave one of the greatest boons to the Santa Cruz group.
Of course, Jonathan and Alx and their Church (UCBK).
​The most quite amazing thing I gave. They all got it. Done.
​The energy exists now. I released it. I released it." 
- Sri Kaleshwar

“There need to be hundreds
​of Penukondas in the world.”

                     - Sri Kaleshwar