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In the winter of 2006, Sri Kaleshwar came to the USA and gave some unbelievable supernatural teachings, including the Kala Chakra (at Joshua Tree) and the Santa Cruz Special Five Elements' Process (in Santa Cruz, CA). 

This process was an incredibly deep layer in the Five Elements, activating both the conventional Five Elements as well as the Inner Elements in all those who were present when the initiation was given.  (This is not a substitute for doing those sadhanas.)  Yet there were hidden layers in the Elements' energies, too, that got enlivened through the process. 

As with the Atma Sandhana Yoga Process, this Special Five Elements' Process also has a video of Sri Kaleshwar directly teaching and transmitting the high-powered knowledge and energy. This video will be part of the class, including the actual initiation from Sri Kaleshwar.  

Suitable for anyone with a sincere spiritual heart -- this process can be given to beginners or advanced students alike.  

As part of this class, you will receive: 

Pre-Class Materials

• The Santa Cruz Special Five Elements' Process transcript.

• The actual process mantra and diksha to do a successful process. 

The Online Class includes: 

• Video of Sri Kaleshwar teaching the actual process (shown over the video via screen sharing) and giving the initiation!

• A group meditation on the mantra, during the class.

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Santa Cruz Special Five Elements Workshop

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​$140 or Euros advance registration

​$167 or Euros on the day

A golden moment: Alx & Jonathan welcome Sri Kaleshwar to UCBK in Santa Cruz, spring 2011

Class Dates & Times

Special Santa Cruz Five Elements Process

Jonathan, Alx & many senior Kaleshwar students (along with 150 people) in the Special Inner Elements Process initiation, Santa Cruz, CA, USA, 2006

Sri Kaleshwar teaching about Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, the Bhairavi Mata & the inner elements,  Santa Cruz, CA, USA, 2006

Santa Cruz Process - US

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