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A two-part series of short workshops
​& initiations into the healing & self-healing techniques hidden within The Five Elements of nature... 

Join master healer Alx Uttermann - or purchase the pre-recorded version from Jonathan Rosen -  in this beautiful workshop, a vital part of the 'new ancient tradition' of healing and miracle energy systems being introduced, for the first time in millenniae, back to humanity from the living traditions of ancient India.  

A profound system of healing for oneself and others, The Five Elements Process involves learning an on-going meditation practice, with healing techniques, in order to align with the building blocks of creation -- the vibrations of earth, water, fire, sky, and air. Since everything in this creation, including the human form, is composed of these elements, this process is revealing, step by step, the 'access code' (like a PIN number) for each element. 

​Once you've charged your soul with the elements' vibrations, through a series of mantra practices, you can then use those elements to restore and create health, vitality, balance, emotional well-being and spiritual awakenings in yourself and in other people.  

The Five Elements is a foundational practice -- the beginning of a deep adventure into advanced healing channels, profound meditations, and an enlivened soul relationship with Nature. 

***NOTE! Participants will need to have a
downloaded copy (either hard copy print-out, digital
on device/phone) of the Five Elements transcript while taking this webinar. 

You can find this FREE transcript by clicking here. 

For experienced students of Sri Kaleshwar, this 2-part webinar series will also serve as a teaching guide about how to share the Five Elements material & initiation effectively. 

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The Five Elements Process: Healing Through The Celestial Channels of the Angels      
Parts 1 & 2

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The Five Elements Process

​​"Choosing to practice these powerful vibration mantras I am giving is a purification process for your soul. Purifying your soul through these mantras gives very higher peace and connects you to the cosmic energy.  Cosmic energy means, connecting to God.

                                              - Sri Kaleshwar

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The Five Elements Process

Five Elements Workshop - USA