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​​"The Nine Arrows are hymns to Shiva. One hundred percent, you can control the negativity with these nine arrows...90% is breaking up all your negative karmas. Each prayer, each mantra is directly connecting to the divinity."

- Sri Kaleshwar 

A short, powerful workshop in a system of protection and healing linked to Shiva...

Join UCBK master teacher Alx Uttermann in this beautiful workshop in an ancient spiritual system from India.  The Nine Arrows are power channels that help create powerful protection circles around you, even in the height of challenges or stressful situations.  

Among 16 students who were present in the winter of 2000, Alx
​& Jonathan journeyed with Sri Kaleshwar to the ancient power temple of Sri Sailam, in South India, for initation into a high spiritual process.

That process (with Mother Divine) included initiation into the Nine Arrows, a system of nine short mantras that link to the Shiva energy and provide a practical way to deflect and confuse Mother's maya.

The Nine Arrows can be used, practically, in any situation throughout a day... in addition to providing extreme protection to the practices and processes of serious sadhana.     

Pre-recorded webinar!
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The Nine Arrows Initiation

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The Nine Arrows Initiation: Powerful Tools For Blessing
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