The Universal Church of Baba's Kitchen

​​"Wherever two or more are gathered together in my name,
I am there in their midst.

                             - Jesus Christ

"Jesus Christ is NOT an ordinary character, guys. Not at all an ordinary character."

                              - Sri Kaleshwar 

Alx facilitating satsang in Penukonda, India, 2011

​​"Vishwamitra Maharshi, when he came in the universe, when he started to creating, the sun also came like a huge, giving the light. Then he started to work, what about the greatness of the sun, moon, water, fire, earth, air.... Then he researched and completely he was writing the secrecy in the vibrations.

The entire powers, with the angels, is based on the one level with the Shiva, how he's connected to the moon." 

                              - Sri Kaleshwar 

The Sun & Moon Yantras

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Upcoming Events at UCBK

Wednesday April 22nd - New Moon Fire Homa (Ceremony)

5:00 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.  ONLINE  ONLY

​​​“Fire pujas work
​to ful­fill all desires.
They work over long 
​dis­tance to bring suc­cess
and solve your prob­lems.”    


            - Sri Kaleshwar

Online Easter Satsang


Thursday Nights:



​with Alx & friends

Sunday, April 12th - 
Special Easter Satsang & Group Meditation (online via Zoom)  

A powerful online satsang (spiritual discussion) on the subject
​of Jesus' miracles & Christ Consciousness meditation 

On this holiest of days, master healer and teacher Alx Uttermann will be conducting a special teaching from the ancient knowledge of India, as a satsang (spiritual group discussion), deep in the energy and blessing of Christ. 

We will explore Christ's miracle abilities, the deep yogic science of the processes that Jesus demonstrated, his life and times in the Middle East -- and how to understand the crucifixion and resurrection in terms of the Eastern understanding, from India. 

A deep healing group meditation, straight from the Jesus energy, will end this beautiful time together.  

Sunday, April 12th 
10:30  a.m. - 12:00  p.m. 

$ 20 advance registration 
$ 30 on the day


****** Once you register, you'll receive (by email) 
the Zoom link to join us in the webinar. 

Location: ONLINE ONLY during this time of Coronavirus caution. 


             Yes! I want to reserve my place in this event.
                          I will make a (tax-deductible) credit card donation 
                          via Paypal (by clicking on the Paypal button on the

                         Or, I will just RSVP to Alx via text at 831-421-1921 

                         or via email here.

Fire Homa: Attend/Sponsor

"Alx is a treasure
of knowledge
​and understanding
of the divine consciousness."

- Alyson Vanderbeck,
         Massage Therapist & Healer
         Santa Cruz, CA

Los Angeles Events

Tuesday April 7th  - 

Full Moon Healing Fire Homa (Ceremony) ONLINE ONLY

​Using the fire element & the power of this high auspicious time of the full moon to bless the heart & heal the soul... 

​You can also add extra SPECIAL PUJAS for healing, blessing
​& spiritual upliftment.
Click here for more information about these special healing energy ceremonies that can be done for you or a loved one.) 

Come enjoy the healing power of the fire element, at a Vedic fire ceremony (homa, or yagyam).

Using the special power of the full moon (when the moon is at its brightest), to help decharge whatever stress, strain, anxiety, dis-ease, and overwhelm you may be carrying, you'll find a rapid release and relief in your life -- leaving you free to create beautiful activities or maintain balance in your everyday life. 

The ancient saints of India kept their sacred fires burning continually, as a way of helping purify the atmosphere and the consciousness in this world.

One fire homa is roughly the equivalent of a month's worth of focused meditation, to the soul -- it's a huge charging up, a strengthening, of our soul fires.


To receive the maximum benefit and healing from the homa fires, and because of the super-intense energies involved, it's highly advisable on the actual day of the homa to eat vegetarian food only and avoid intoxicants.

What's a fire homa?  
This and other questions answered on the homa FAQ page! 

Do you have a special healing or spiritual need?
A Special Healing Puja may provide a powerful soul medicine - click here to find out more.

                  Date: Tuesday April 7th

​             ***New start time! ONLINE ONLY 
              5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. 


          Homas are conducted online only through the Coronavirus
          precautionary time of self-isolation & social distancing.
         We will send the viewing link upon your registration. 

               Suggested donation:   $20 
                (sliding scale accepted, contact Alx)


            Yes! I want to reserve my place in this homa!
                  I'm choosing to make my credit card contribution via
                  PayPal (by clicking on the PayPal menus on the right).  

                  Or, SPONSOR the fire homa for yourself or a loved one -- 
sponsor's names will be read aloud during the homa, to
                  send the powerful blessing straight to that person(s).  

               Yes! I want to sponsor the fire homa for myself or a loved
                     one, & share its blessing. I'm choosing to make a credit
​                     card donation of $30 via PayPal (drop-down menu on
​                     the right) to sponsor.

                  Special arrangements can be made by emailing Alx here
 or call/text  Alx to RSVP:  831/ 421-1921

                 Location for the Fire Homa: 
link to watch given on RSVP/reservation.           

Online Webinar 

Easter Satsang & Meditation

Into The Sky:
​The Sun & Moon Yantras

The Moon (Chandra) Yantra

The Sun (Surya) Yantra

& Meditation 

Fire Homa:
​Attend or Sponsor

UCBK's co-founder, minister & healer Alx Uttermann resides ​in Los Angeles, offering beautiful healing events, including private healings by appointment and group healing meditations - as well as online classes available anywhere in the world.  
She offers
remote satsangs every Thursday night, online

As a senior student & teacher in the lineage of the miracle healing saint 
Sri Kaleshwar & the universal ascended masters he represents, Alx lived in India from 2000-05, 'commuting' for another fifteen years. (She leads anuual power journeys to South India.)  

​Her depth of spiritual knowledge, powerful energy, presence, good humor and dedication to bring out the truth has inspired many top spiritual students, seekers and healers for more than twenty years. 

Her goal is to spread the light far and wide, helping bring relief, peace of mind, inspiration and miraculous healing to whomever is in need.

Read Alx' complete bio here...  and her web presence, from blog to Twitter & poetry, is here.

Scroll down to see a list of current workshops and other events... PRE-RECORDED WORKSHOPS & WEBINARS AVAILABLE HERE.

Thursday Night Satsangs By Remote - Divine Energy & Discussion 

Online satsangs with Alx and friends, every Thursday night, bring the divine discussions, healing, power, knowledge, and energy wherever you are! 

Join Alx & friends every Thursday night, connecting with Sai students and colleagues in the US and world-wide, to share knowledge, experience, questions, discussion, and joy at being together, via Zoom (online video conferencing).  

It's as easy as one mouse click, to join... 

You can find the Zoom link and online remote satsang registration here.... 

          Thursday nights
          7:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.  PST

          $15 suggested donation for satsang ... and for sliding
           scale, any amount is welcome.     


Saturday, April 18th - Into The Sky: 

The Sun and Moon Yantras

An all-day online webinar in two powerful healing systems and yantras (sacred diagrams) - the Sun energy & the Moon energy

Join master healer Alx Uttermann in this detailed, spiritual technology-rich webinar going deep into the ancient healing knowledge from India -- about the inner mechanisms of the sun and the moon.  

This workshop is based in the knowledge given out by Sri Kaleshwar during the Christmas 1999 program.  

This teaching includes: 

     - deep information about the Sun and Moon energies

     - healing techniques with both energies

     - mantras that correspond to the Sun & Moon energies

     - how the angels are related to the Sun & the Moon

     - drawing yantras that express the Sun & Moon energy systems

When put in your home and positioned properly, the Sun and Moon (Surya and Chandra) Yantras help to balance the energies in your home and in your soul.

Materials you'll need for the course:

* large pad of drawing paper
* colored pens or pencils
* white-out (yes, really!) 

Saturday, April 18th 
10:30  a.m. - 5:30  p.m. 

$ 108 advance registration 
$ 130 on the day

****** Once you register, you'll receive (by email) 
the Zoom link to join us in the webinar, and the PDF handout of the webinar material

Location: ONLINE ONLY during this time of Coronavirus caution. 


             Yes! I want to reserve my place in this event.
                          I will make a (tax-deductible) credit card donation 
                          via Paypal (by clicking on the Paypal button on the

                         Or, I will just RSVP to Alx via text at 831-421-1921 

                         or via email here.

Open donation: ​enter any amount you are able. 

Alx giving the Maheshwari initiation, Los Angeles, 2017