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​with Alx & friends

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Alx facilitating satsang in Penukonda, India, 2011

Tuesday Night Satsangs By Remote - Divine Energy & Discussion

Online satsangs with Alx and friends, every Tuesday night, bring the divine discussions, healing, power, knowledge, and energy wherever you are! 

Join Alx & friends every Tuesday night, connecting with Sai students and colleagues in the US and world-wide, to share knowledge, experience, questions, discussion, and joy at being together, via Zoom (online video conferencing).  

It's as easy as one mouse click, to join... 

You can find the Zoom link and online remote satsang registration here.... 

          Tuesday nights
          7:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.  PST

          $15 suggested donation for satsang ... and for sliding
           scale, any amount is welcome.


Saturday, December 16th - New Moon Healing Fire Homa

Come charge your soul & decharge powerfully during this high-energy time of the New Moon...


We come together in this divine energy, to restore balance, release stress & negativity - and to support the rapid growth of all positivity both for ourselves, and the entire globe. 


As always, we will use our group consciousness and the ancient Vedic formulas to channel the divine energy in support of the healing of: the environment, those hit by disasters, the homeless & heartbroken, the veterans - and all our individual sankalpams (intentions) for what we need to be free of, and what we want to manifest in all angles of our lives.
In each divine fire homa, we connect and channel the cosmic/divine energy to support smart, loving solutions for all our sisters & brothers in need - those who are homeless, in poverty, suffering PTSD from wars and abuse - and all those who are helping them, both locally and around the world.

Time: 4:00 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Donation: $15 & two roses

Gautami's home temple,
3205 Gleneeden Way, San Jose, CA
(in the back)

Call/Text Gautami at 831-295-4358
To receive the maximum benefit and healing from the homa fires, and because of the super-intense energies involved, it's highly advisable on the actual day of the homa to eat vegetarian food only and stay away from intoxicants.   WHAT'S A FIRE HOMA!??This and other questions answered on the Homa FAQ page.

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Questions? Call/Text
Gautami at 831-295-4358
or email UCBK here.

​ ​
What to bring: 
​- Roses to share for the homa ​
- Dessert/Veggie snack item to share

- Layered clothing 

​- $15 suggested donation/sliding scale



I would like to sponsor this special abishek for myself or a loved one!

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Friday Night Blessings: Bathing the divine form for healing & upliftment

Come experience the inner peace & active blessings, through abishek MOST Fridays in Felton
(call the # below, to confirm it's happening on a given Friday)

Come join in UCBK's regular Friday shakti/bhakti process of abisheking the Shirdi Sai Baba murthi (living embodiment) - incarnation of Dattatreya (primordial guru).  We use the water element to received the divine energy blessing for our healing and manifesting needs/desires, for ourselves, our loved ones, our community and world. 

Donation:  $15 
(sliding scale applies in cases of sincere need.)

Time: 5:30 p.m.

Location:   Hallcrest Winery, Felton Empire Road
Text Alyson at 831-234-8418 for directions/information.

 YES! I would like to sponsor this special abishek in my name or
the name of a loved one... so that the healing & blessing energy
​automatically goes to whomever I name on the Paypal form.

​Here is my tax-deductible credit card donation
​of $25 by Paypal to sponsor... (link below)

Questions? Or confirm the event is happening
​THIS Friday:

Contact Alyson at 831-234-8418

​What to bring: 

- Dessert/veggie snack item to share

​- $15 suggested donation/sliding scale

Friday Healing Abishek: Attend or Sponsor

2013 Videos available via Ustream: 

GANESH Fire Homa Series To Remove Obstacles!
 Muruga Fire Homa/Puja Series To Increase Clarity
& Asta Lakshmi-Maha Vishnu Fire Homas (Eight Lakshmis)

You can still see these powerful events - from throughout 2013! - as replayable recordings on UCBK's Ustream channel HERE.  (Password: avadhut)

Santa Cruz Events

Since we've had to move from our Bonny Doon location after five years in the Santa Cruz mountains, the UCBK events are still going on locally, in Felton. We also offer classes, ceremonies and healings that are webcast & available online.