The Universal Church of Baba's Kitchen

The Universal Church of Baba's Kitchen?

Baba's Kitchen,
Inspired By
Shirdi Sai Baba:
A Humble Message,
A Global Presence

It all began when we said the name aloud for the first time in 2006, "The Universal Church Of Baba's Kitchen," & Shirdi Baba's photograph fell off of an altar.  Twice. Once might be a sign. Twice seemed more like a command.

It was clear, then & there, that the church Baba wanted established in the Santa Cruz mountains of California would have such an unorthodox name, expressing something of the diversity & open-heartedness of this unique community. 
Shirdi Sai Baba was an enigma in his day, a beggar in torn clothes, begging bowl in hand, dressed like a Muslim fakir but an expert in the Sanskrit Vedas, the Q'ran, Parsee spirituality & other religious/spiritual texts and traditions.

A living embodiment of Dattatreya, the primordial guru energy, Shirdi Baba spent his life in the small village of Shirdi, living in an abandoned mosque, begging for his food, and performing miracles of amazing healing & divine love for the souls in this world. Although a simple man on the outside, internally Baba was one of the greatest supernatural saints & healers in human history. He has nourished the world, especially its spiritual evolution, through the great divine lights of satya, dharma, prema & shanti (truth, duty, love & peace).
Baba's insistence on two pillars of spiritual enlightement: faith & patience, as well as his simple statement, "Sabkha Malik Ek" -- "All Gods are One" -- is even more relevant today than it was a century ago. A turbulent world, split along religious and ideological differences, really needs to absorb the message of universality and family-hood among all nations and peoples.
Since Shirdi Sai Baba took his samadhi (conscious exit from the body) in 1918, his popularity and greatness has spread throughout India (where there are over a billion pictures of Shirdi Baba, and many many temples dedicated to this great divine soul) and into the rest of the world.
Today, there are temples & spiritual centers dedicated to Shirdi Baba (and his universal approach to god) operating all over the world, throughout Asia, in Canada, the USA and numerous other countries.
At UCBK, we feel grateful and honored to be a part of this divine lineage of Shirdi Sai Baba, and to be creating a healing place where all are welcome, regardless of spiritual paths, religions, or beliefs. 
Why a kitchen? 
Because everyone gets cooked in a kitchen, because alchemy happens in kitchens, because we have a dedication to feed the world, no matter what it is hungry for: divine knowledge, healing, universal love, spiritual upliftment, bhajans/kirtan, relief from suffering, or material food and drink.